Please remove systems hurting the players

I dont normally come on here to complain bc most players say usually what is an issue at the time. But PLEASE I know you guys are doing things to actively preventing the bots from certain actions. However, it in turn is making it harder for players to do things. I.E. say you hit T2 and you want to buy ilvl 800 gear. you go to gear tab, buy weapon, click on chest, click buy, “You must wait between transactions”. Another example, I wish to do a currency exchange, oh you have to wait 3 days before you can even use it. You wish to buy 20 engraving books? no, you can buy 7 and wait a minute and then buy 7 more. Same with fish or other trade skill materials. If i want to buy 9999 fish and buy another stack, i have to wait before I can make another purchase. Can we pleaseeeeee stop making it harder for the average player