Please remove the agressive gull effects from the login screen

Whoever decided it would be a good idea to put soundeffects that makes it sound like our hero is coming in to land on a fishing trawler needs to be given a stern talking to by HR.

Please remove (or at least dial back) the sqwaking!


And before you say it - I know you can toggle the ambient noise to remove them, but having to do this every single time I log in is infuriating.

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i Agree, it is a bit overboard especially when you have to wait in que

If you’re just waiting in the queue mute the game in your volume mixer. Problem solved.

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I like them ^^

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the problem is that sometimes when doing that the audio bugs out and then the only way to solve it my case it to re-log the game

fkg bird cry

I changed the setting so the game would be mute if I alt tabbed. And I keep it alt tabbed while in queue. That way I can watch movies unbothered while waiting.

Settings - Audio - Sounds in Background - uncheck

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I like them…

It takes some time for Lost Ark to launch, dont know why, and I usually get up and do something else while waiting.

When I hear the seagulls cry, its time for me to get back to the game.

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Try to embrace the seagulls, become one of them and truly ascend the queue.

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lol this is the best thread in the entire board :smiley: :smiley: