Please remove the item level locks in the event shop

Alright so the event has a number of items that are locked behind item level. I’ve heard a number of reasons for why this is the case but none of it makes any sense at all.

Firstly the only items that are currently locked are the honning mats. People have said that having them unlocked would allow bots to afk in the event and crash the market. This makes no sense, all the honning mats in the event are bound, not even bound to roster, bound to character. They cannot be traded. Secondly you can already buy honning mats at any level if you do it in Mari’s Secret shop so there is a precedent for people being able to mats at any level.

Secondly this means that lower Ilevel players are just screwed over. Even though they can do the event and farm the points they can’t actually buy the mats like other players can. To put into context the level of mats we’re talking about here, I ran the numbers today and there are about 17,000 gold worth of T3 mats alone.

Thirdly, these players can’t get their Ilevel high enough fast enough because the event has a weekly shop and not a shop that runs the entire event. Which means that even if they hit 1302 by the end of the event they will have missed the mats in all the proceeding weeks.

Lastly, Amazon said they were going to remove item locks on event items and all they did was remove them from the engraving books, which ironically ARE TRADABLE, meaning that low level bots can crash the market on them. And today they announced that they are bringing another event that will add more mats, so just do this too to give more players a fair chance.

P.S. Yes this is entirely salt motivated, I hit 1100 yesterday and didn’t get all the pieces of my armor in my Chaos Dungeons today so I’m stuck here just shy of 1302 GS the day before the weekly reset with 5,000 event tokens I can’t spend because I can’t by the T3 mats. By the way this is also a random change they made for no reason, in KR and RU the 1302 gear is tradable and not bound, just like our T1 and T2 gear.