Please remove the level restriction on the express pass

As someone with higher level characters, I do not want to level up ANOTHER alt… my roster is: 1492, 1490, 1430, 1415, 1415… Please let me use the express event on one of these so I can get the rewards (don’t care about the honing buff)!



I really hope they change their minds and make it for anyone above 1302. I’ll give it a few days and if not I’ll reluctantly make some throw-away character to 1370.

+1, my situation is a little different but I want the same thing.
I just don’t have enough free time to play on alts, so using it on my main (1480) would be much better for me. The last express pass I could use it on my main, but this one I can’t?
The 1415 express will require me to make ANOTHER alt aswell???

Its super fast to complete, you’d be faster just making a character than waiting for changes. Who knows you might find a new class you enjoy.

1)Make a new character
2)Use punika power pass on it
3)Select express pass for it
4)Lvl it up till 1370 with min effort and costs
5)Get the express pass rewards.


I hope they don’t remove the level restrictions. Last time too many player used the express pass on one of there characters they didn’t need it.

Now you have a good express pass you can’t use wrong and you will have a new character on 1370 in a few hours. So be happy and take it.

If you don’t want to use it for a new character. You don’t get it. Deal with it. You can’t have it all

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Yes, to those that stated the obvious, it is very easy to make a 1302 character and boost them to 1370 for basically free with the pass. My point was I wanted the rewards on a higher level character not on the fresh 1370 that I have no intention of playing (level 50, no tripods, no gems, no accessories, etc.).

Edit: Since it seems that this event will not be modified at this point, I just went ahead and did just that (I guess I now have a permanent Lopang-only alt). I will not waste 100+ pheons gearing them appropriately along with gems and other things.

The 50 legendary accessory chests were a joke… 0/50 of them were worth anything on the AH (due to the pheon costs essentially levying a 1000% tax or more). A more useful reward would have been 75 pheons (to buy exactly 5 legendary accessories).

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Takes literally 30 minutes.

lol no, not getting all the stuff for free, buy a slot, delete character or take copium

What if someone dont want pay in real money ?

delete one that u dont like and make another?

Delete 1400 char ? Even if I dont like it is a source of mats for my alts xd

Then there are no options available to you, deal with it.