Please remove the pointless Chaos Dungeon Timer

This happens at least a couple of times a week. There’s no way to stop the occasional D/C, but the timer for these could easily be removed, and it serves no purpose.

Chaos Dungeons are super casual, not a challenge at all, even for solo supports, so a timer only serves to punish those that d/c. With the massive LA load up time, it’s impossible to return to the dungeon in time to not get locked out. Please just remove the timer.


Yeah I completely agree…there is no point in having a timer. At the very least, increase the timer to 20 minutes or something so we can log back in after a disconnect and have enough time to finish.

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switch it around so it counts up and not reset when you swap floors, so you can try to go for pbs or something maybe even a leaderboard for fun :smiley:


Great idea!

I don’t understand the use of the timer outside of matchmaking.

Idea: hold all the loot for the dungeon session, per player, if user actually finishes the level, then put all loot in chest, award user. Like, you know, cube or tower. Don’t eat aura unless user actually finishes one level.

nah I like when the items go brrr