Please remove the report system. It does more harm than good

Good luck to anybody who plans on doing GvG.


:rofl: :rofl:

Just ban the people abusing it and people will stop eventually

Incoming guild with 50+ member mass report any guild that stomp them in GvG


is GvG item based?

Yes, its non-equalized world PvP.

Guessing this is a reference to the shenanigan’s that happened in New World? lol

Amazon coddles TOS breakers (people who abuse their report system and RMT) but is more than willing to ignore people who have legitimate issues like how AGS’s VPN ban affected real ISPs.

People who abuse the report system to get innocents banned should be permanently banned. Unfortunately this requires AGS actually caring about the game and hiring someone to actually work/review reports. We all know AGS would rather create some half working automated system than hire some people to review logs etc.

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you greatly underestimate what a high conflict personality is capable of if you think a ban in a free to play mmo is a consequence to them.

There are always psychos. I’m not going to ban cars because someone is going to go on a rampage.

Does the report system even work? I would love to go to war with bots. Especially those named apouihfuhgjhzgouiye

Oh cool. So it’s complete trash and I don’t have to bother wasting time researching.

no joke im scared even to talk in area chat cause of mass reports

Anyone who mass reports got dropped on their head as a child lmao

but you also wouldn’t go on a rampage either. What you will or won’t do is not the same as what others would or wouldn’t do.

That may be one of the stupidest things I have ever read.

New world reporting system v2.0. Report the opposite side for free wins.


I’m aware that players are false reporting and will be letting the team know.