***please remove/adjust the pheon coin cost!

15 PHEON COIN per skin/accessory. that’s 15 coin= 150 Crystal= (100 crystal/600 gold on currency exchange) 150 crystal =900 gold fees we pay to the platform. just for me to buy a value of 100 gold skin/accessory, each week all abyssal gold bonus + daily that reward. I’m making around 3k-4k gold or less. that amount is not included in the gold I pay to fees you guys charge on honing, purchases, mailing, etc.
this amount of gold I earned weekly it’s not even enough to cover me to purchase an 850 crystal phone coin pack in the store an 850 crystal 100 PHEON coins pack = 5100 damn gold !! it’s ridiculous!!! with that 5k gold I spent on 100 Phone coins, I rather spend it to buy myself a new custom skin Pack.
nothing in this game now makes good golds only if you are lucky enough to get some good gears or engraving. listed cheap items on the market trying to make some small money for a living. no one will buy it because this damn Pheon Coin is so expensive!!!


Well leapstones and do unas dailies for gold

Alot of people i knew quitted just because of this pheon, only me and 1 of my frend left in a lvl 8 guild from 44… sadge but pheon makes people quit…also theyre all above 1400 gs

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so true bro… I’m down they take 5% on top of all sales which makes no sense already. but this pheon thing just brings it to a new level…too greedy… feels like their trying everything to drain our golds so we can spend some real money on those useless coins. even just to mail from 1 chart to another other charts need the pheon coin…just ridiculous

how many leaststones and unas and time you gonna spent. just enough to pay for those transaction coins they charge you for no reason, bro? do the math. your time, your energy, and your gold just paid for these coins that are useless with zero benefits to both sides. zero benefit

I earn over 10k gold a week so it’s not that much for me

sorry, not for people like us who have a full-time job and a family to feed bro… if each week you are willing to spend 1/2 of the total gold you making just for some non-sense coin. be my guest lol.

Each week? You level a character to 1370 each week? Because that is when you spend pheons for the first time if you are not wasting them. I got my wardancer alt to 1370 yesterday, bought a few purple stones and hit my 6/6 stone, spending less than 100 pheons. Now my wardancer has 3/3/1 after oreha hard mode and after argos I will probably be 3/3/2 because I get even more class engraving accessories. Next week the wardancer will easily be 3/3/3. If it isn’t I buy one or 2 accessories so it is. Then that wardancer won’t change it’s gear for at least a month, making way more than 5k gold back.
If you spend pheons on your character before you are sure that you are keeping that gear for a month you are wasting them. It’s that easy.

bro, it’s not about how you making 5k gold back. it’s about you getting charged something that’s away too high for no reason. dont you get the point?

tell me what this in-game official trading market platform benefits you ? for you to pay it such high pheon coin for? 30-day free return? free shipping? fraud protection? item traded usage limit won’t decrease? I dont think so… 15 pheons = 900 gold for nothing, regardless those are your gold bro, you spend your time for it. that pheon coin just took it from you for no bs reason.

why did somebody get ripped off by something that makes zero sense but he still thinks its legit and there is nothing wrong with it…here to tell me how to make that 5k to cover it up. what kind of mindset is this???

The pheon costs are there to make sure the market stays stable. But you won’t believe that so here we are.

You either invest a little time (1-2 weeks) and gear up your character like in EVERY other MMO or you time-skip with gold/money.
1370 gear is currently end game gear and will only get replaced by relic gear at least a month or two after you got 1370 (with normal progression) which then you won’t change for a year probably.
FF14 is not giving you savage raid gear in week 1 e.g. You need to grind 7+ weeks for it.
The difference in Lost Ark is you could pay money to time-skip. That’s how these games work. I have not spend any crystals on pheons yet and still have 350 left over that we got for free. My main is 1420 with 3/3/3 and my wardancer alt is going to be 3/3/3 next week. My other two 1340 alts sit at 3/1 or 3/2 and wait for their turn to get to to 1370.

But no you want everything given to you for free of course… That’s the mentality on this forum.

10k gold? just a click of my weapon honing loool

It disappoints me that the pheon problem isnt talked about enough compared to all the other BS that gets attention on these forums.

Theres two major changes that need to happen. One is all pheon costs for T2 gear needs to be completely removed.

T2 raids are incredibly difficult and time consuming compared to T3 because of the severe lack of gear; its far too expensive to gear out low item level alts (which we all have a lot of)

They were smart to remove the costs from T1 but they overlooked the economy problem for T2. T2 is great content and very enjoyable to progress alts through if we actually had reasonable cost to gear. Pheons cost a fortune. I play a lot, sell 25+ greater leapstones a day and im going through gold faster than I can make it trying to gear alts efficiently. If someone didnt put in my playtime, theyd have no chance to get anything more than one engraving, and T2 raids arent tuned for gemless, engravingless players which is what most alts end up being due to costs.

We should have access to pheons once a week at reduced costs. Maybe something like your first 50 purchased every week are 1/2 off… or just throw them in an event vendor. Accessories dont even sell and its incredibly hard to make money anymore off accessories unless you literally roll something BIS. Even some meta rolls just aren’t selling for me, even listing as low as 100 gold. Its literally that bad.

People should be able to progressively upgrade their gear but due to the insane pheon costs, its not even worth purchasing something unless its literally BIS; which has very negative impacts not just on the economy, but on player gear and matchmaking, as a result… because people would rather rat it out, or, dont even have a choice because its very hard to make gold with limited playtime, currently.


I agree with what your saying bro. There is a million way to making money,But using this pheon coin to drain peoples gold? it’s just kills the player and the market, It’s funny they try so hard to encourage people to level up to T3 but using this stopping people to getting gears to support the level. Just sad.


Everyone wants it but I dont think they will do it because we are second class LA players (Western Version)