Please Restore Deleted Character

Dear Support!

I accidentaly deleted my character that I recently created because I didn’t like her name.
But unfortunately I use my gold founders pack on her so I lost everyting I bought.
I forgot I activated the founder pack on her, It was a big mistake.

Would it be possible to restore my character and her invectory please?

Region: Europe West
Server: Stonehearth
Current main character name: Csiganyál
Deleted character name: Savanyú

Thank you in advance.

Hello @ideregizzek

I hope you are having a great day, I wanna give you a warm welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

Of course I will gladly assist you with restoring your character, please stay offline from Lost Ark while I restore you it for you! :grinning:

Edit: The character has been restored, after a quick restart from your Lost Ark. you should be able to see her, please let me know if you see her and if you have any more issues or questions! :grin:

Have a great day and see you in Arkesia!


Dear @Donxul

Thank you kindly for the incredibly fast response and solution!

All goods are restored correctly.

Have a great day and thank you very much!

You’re welcome! :grinning:

If you need assistance or have another question please let me know.

Stay save and I hope you keep enjoying your adventures in Arkesia!