Please revamp ability stone

I rather get fked by tripod than ability stone.

Really? I think Tripod is just as bad at least in terms of pheons cost if you are going for full max levels right now (The guaranteed 6 max tripod trick helps a bit i guess).

Guess you could argue that tripods can be worked on over time and you will eventually get it. But you need a good ability stone for good engraving setup like right now and people will see your engraving to decide whether to accept or reject you to parties, but they can’t judge you based on tripod levels, so I digress. Ability stone may be worse than tripod.

To make all of this worse, there is no pity for either x.x At least with pity, you are building up to an eventual success but with stones kek, you could go through 100 and not get the stone you need.

Yeah, you said it. Tripod only affects for that one skill. Stone = Engraving = Your entire character.