Please revamp daily login system

i haven’t been able to get the last 3 final good daily login rewards please start extending or just allow me to buy with 5 mill silver or something

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I remember when people on this forum were angry cuz the login event finished at X day and there was a whole week “without rewards” so people can catch up kekw

Can’t please everyone I guess.

And I mean, most people come to the forums to complain.

not everyone has the ability to login daily

Yeah i get it, i just find it funny how no matter what AGS do there will be always a complain

Which is why we get a few more extra days to be able to claim the rewards.

Also, this: GeForce NOW, thank me later.

i find the g-force thing funny as i own lit nothing mad by nvidia. amd baby

I didn’t even know AMD makes graphics cards, NVIDIA ftw.

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I thought it was kinda dumb from the start tbh. “Hey, you better log in everyday or else you could miss something” and look what we have now.

hehehe my 6900xt is on par with the 3090 at about 600 bucks cheaper :blush:

damn, I only have a RTX 3060 though.


But it works for me.

there there its not the ghz or the vram its the motion of the screen :stuck_out_tongue:

No… no it isn’t.

6900-XTs only slightly outperform RTX 3080 non-TIs. They don’t come anywhere close to 3090s

long proven false RX 6900 XT vs RTX 3090 - Test in 8 Games l 4K l - YouTube

Since we’re on the topic of derailing the current topic. Is there like a high-mid levelish card you guys would recommend? Like a lower 30 series or higher end 20 series etc.?

mid to high for amd is the 6800xt which is just below the flagship 6900xt i think they also release a 6600 mid to high for nvidia has always been the xx70’s so rn the 3070

Probably Lostwind Cliff is a nice option


Ah okay. I’ve never had problems with either manufacture so that doesn’t bother me. Just wanted a solid deal. Wanted to stick around 700ish if possible. Building and compatibility isn’t a problem.
Though truth be told I know fuck all about amd cards still.

Bad luck for you. Maybe next month :slight_smile: