Please Revisit Class Release Cadence Decision

As evidenced by the reversal of the decision not to add in the 1460 honing buff and release the Yoz Jar lootbox systems, both originally unpopular decisions, I want to re-raise the topic of Class Release Cadence. If those decisions can be reversed based on player feedback and the ethos of putting player experience above profit, I hope that the class release cadence decision can be revisited as well.

Classes are not content. They are a vehicle to experience content. Artificially drip-feeding class releases so that we won’t get the full roster of already-released classes until January 2023 is anti-player and a poor strategic decision.

Depriving players of the experience of a first-time Vykas/Clown/Brelshaza clear on a Scouter, Summoner, Reaper or Artist is not a good way to ensure the longevity of the game. People will come back for raids, not for year-old+ class releases that will require them to level, gear and hone up to current content. With each month that passes, the gap between Day 1 mains and future mains grows wider and frustrates many players who have been looking forward to classes they may have played and enjoyed on other regions before the NA/EU release.

Please reconsider the decision to release classes every two months. At minimum, once-a-month would get us to parity in a much more reasonable timeframe and would still leave us with Aeromancer, Female Zerker and other future classes to look forward to (not to mention future continents, raids, guardians, and the plethora of other content that we know is ahead).


Since this is the place for people to voice their opinions, even though i know im not gonna get many people to agree with me, heres mine: Please dont release classes too fast, im perfectly fine with how it is, probably 1 a month would be fine too but nothing faster than that, preferrably just dont change anything :smile:


Agreed with general sentiment: please at least revert to the original one class a month cadence!


Classes that are left dont need to come out fast.

Every other month + Delays is fine… this is still faster than the original plan.

The ones left are meh / not that popular.

We need a Legendayskin rework and other content first.


What negative impact would it have on your if they released classes faster? And is that negative impact worth other people having a lackluster Lost Ark experience?


“Faster than the original plan” - If you’re referring to KR, that’s not a good benchmark since we started with T3 available. Gold River publicly stated that his goal is to get the Western release caught up to KR as soon as possible. Delaying and staggering Legion Raids is completely acceptable and understandable. Classes, in my opinion, are not.

If your logic is that the classes left are “meh” or not that popular from your perspective, I hope you don’t fall in love with Aeromancer or Female Zerker or a future unannounced class. Because at this rate, those classes won’t come to NA/EU until 2024.



It’s final.


Thank you, PotatoTakes.


Classes are content. They’ve proven to be content in multiple games, and they have a proven record to bringing in new players, revitalizing the economy, etc. People will come back for classes as has been shown numerous times in numerous games.

Your opinion is not fact.


what are these so called games then?

Nor is yours, friend. Would love to see that data if you have it.

And the major difference between this game and others is that I’m not advocating to get Aeromancer tomorrow. I’m asking them to reconsider arbitrarily withholding classes from our version that have been out for a long time on other regions.


Lost Ark, Maplestory, WoW, Tera, Aion, Dungeon Fighter, etc. etc.

Yea and artist,aeromancer,female berserker are not classes right ? They couldnt choose them as a “content” and “hype” to bring new players and milk money right ? SG will never create any other classes anymore after female zerk right ?

The argument here is that “classes are not content”. Your point has nothing to do with the original argument.

I haven’t played those other games, but have played WoW for years. To my knowledge, they never released classes outside of expansion packs. And I think it’s hard to argue that the only reason players came back was because of a new class. They came back because it was an expansion.


New classes are literally introduced as new content during LoAOn or any other MMO content release. People prepare for new classes much in the same way people prepare for new raids. Gold River has talked about how new classes bring in excitement, new players, etc. in LoaOn, and data very clearly shows this too from a boom in player count after release of Artist in January in KR.

AGS talked about this as well in their post where they explained why they have the current class release cadence.

I understand if your point is “don’t arbitrarily withhold classes that already exist in other versions of the game” but that’s not the argument you’re making.

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Yes, and unreleased classes are new. Heck, even balance patches are content. It vastly changes how players play the game, makes people itemize differently or build their characters a different way, etc. Old games like Maplestory have “remasters” of their old classes as content as it brings a lot of excitement to old players and new players alike.

That’s precisely the point I’m making. Perhaps better stated, “Old classes being released is not content.”


the key word here is “NEW” not old classes that we already saw the gameplay from 2 years ago

  1. could u name “new” games that do this
  2. tera is shutting down, wow’s new last class was back in legion 2016(yes i know finally a new class is coming 6 years later), aion died if i remember correctly or only small amount of players and sadly never even heard of dungeon fighter
  3. the reason lost ark got many people on kr was cuz maplestory went bad and lost ark was a better alternative