Please Revisit Class Release Cadence Decision

Define “old”

As long as someone who hasn’t investigated other regions. these classes may as well don’t even exist.

It’s your own fault for spoiling yourself.

I can see the argument for summoner though that’s it.

Could you name new MMOs in general? Literally every MMO on the planet releases new classes as new content.

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And our version is the most different from all the other regions. You say new classes comes always with another content/map etc. They couldnt do it with Artist for valtan release then 2-3 months later Aeromancer for clown raid, female zerk if comes after aero for brelshaza raid ?

But if you follow that thread of logic, shouldn’t balance patches be withheld? So they bring hype and players back to the game?

Right now NA/EU seems to be at parity with KR with respect to balance patches and QOL features. It seems inconsistent to then say, but we’re going to withhold a class like Summoner because we think it’s going to bring players back in September or November.

Like I said, I totally understand why we don’t have all the legion raids, continents, etc. I’m perfectly fine with how they’ve been pacing that. But I believe that withholding old classes and calling that content with the goal of “extending the lifespan of the game” is flawed logic.


im asking U u said that i never did
i want to find out what mmos release classes as new content

Yea sucha silly reason. Its not like SG will stop making new classes ? There will be always new classes in mmos that will also feel fresh when we see them 3 months earlier in KR and we going to get it generating more hype.

We would of of been atleast closer behind KR regarding classes if we had all classes at launch and gotten now artist soon aero, female zerk and so on.

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This, new classes are content when the game is fully developed as in korea and waiting for updates, is not new content when said game releases on another region with cut content.


Old: Already publicly released prior to NA/EU launch on February 11, 2022.

Balance patch doesn’t matter for NA/EU right now since barely anyone complains about balance (while it’s the only thing people complain about in KR). The game is so new here that barely anyone knows what they’re doing.

Raids aren’t the only new content. Before Kayangel last month, KR hasn’t had a new raid for 9 months. That doesn’t mean they haven’t had any new content.

And again, these are not “old” classes. You can only argue this for Summoner. As far as NA/EU is concerned, unreleased classes do not exist. I understand if people really like the concept/playstyle of an unreleased class that they saw in another version. Just say “I would like to play ___ class sooner” rather than “Classes are not new content”. The latter is disingenuous and gaslighting.

I literally told you, every MMO on the planet.

No that’s only “old” if we consider region.

In NA/EU/SA they are all new.

Like I said you spoiled yourself by investigating other regions.

My point is…

Any new player getting into the game don’t even know those classes exist.

That’s a pretty big leap to say having a different opinion is gaslighting. Mostly I’m just really confused about whether I’m supposed to pretend KR doesn’t exist, or if I’m supposed to look at them as a model.


Looking at them as a model for what? Your gameplay wouldn’t change one bit even if you didn’t look at any KR content.

But what a “funny” coincidence that exactly all the classes that were not on launch are the most unique/hard to play ones like they targeted a specific player audience like myself…

I hate the warrior family normaly in mmos. But a big hammer boy ? Count me in.
I faded away from mage classes cuz always the same fire,light,ice mage. But a rng mage assassin complex gameplay ? Count me in.

I love stance switch chars in mobas that are melee. Oh a glaivier exist how unique ? Count me in.
Gunners were not my choice or anything related to range classes. But Iron man woa thats some unique stuff for an mmo ? Count me in.

And my go to class (Reaper) in every mmo and my main that is always a staple in every MMO LAUNCH as the holy 4 of classes (Berserker,Sorc,Hawkeye,Reaper) was not even on launch.

Notice how they all have different type of gameplay of a certain “main” class category ? Both unique and some of them hard to play/complex ?
Sadly that was literally my RU Roster lol and im not kidding. I love classes that stands out from their traditional gameplay of a specific “main” class.

Its like they did it on purpose. Oh you hate the typical warrior gameplay in mmos ? Here is a destroyer that u can raise and spend on us money to get him on your “mains” ilvl. Hate the ice,light,fire mage gameplay ? We got a really unique mage gameplay that you will be interested in after 6 months of launch give us some money because u cant resist a different type of mage gameplay.

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If we werent supposed to look up the korean version of the game, everyone would have left in the argos deadzone


I agree wholeheartedly with your request, but I just want to say I don’t think any of these decisions have been made with the player’s best interest in mind.

I think the honing research proved too difficult and/or time consuming to rip out of the Vykas patch, so they haven’t bothered.

And I think the reception to Diablo Immortal’s monetization scared the piss out of them with the Yoz Jar scenario. The fact that they have “no path forward” with getting the skins to users leads me to believe they’re at odds with Smilegate on this one.

All speculation, so grain of salt and all that.


+1 - it’s the least controversial thing they could do to curry favor with the community. Give us the classes that would of been in every other region with Vykas at minimum.

No they wont…

Some of the classes wont be released till around March/April next year, almost a year now. People wont wait for their class till then, they wont come back either as there will be other, shinier games to play. They will give Lost Ark the flick as they will feel (rightly so) like they are not a valued customer.

Some may return for 5 minutes just to try out the new class, but they wont be bothered on leveling them up, and they will be gone again…

So NO, people will NOT come back in a years time… they will just be gone from the game. And so will many others by that time. The game will be old.


Nope, people will not come back because of classes. Those who left have 0 trust in AGS to come back because some class.


The players that will quit because class X is not out are people who will quit anyway regardless of whether that class is here or not.

The West thinks a year old game is “old” and that people won’t join a “year old game”. We’ll see who’s right