Please rework gvg

idk about other servers, but in my server GvG is literally unplayable…
RMT guilds with people 1500+ and GvG engravings vs f2p 1415~1430 who barely have PvE equipment… it’s impossible to play.
Why they don’t use the same rules as normal PvP? It’s just to encourage people to spend money in the game? Why no one talks about this? Its even worst than Diablo Immoral gem system.


I bet the top guilds are loving it

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sadly not even the mods of this forum give a fuck about this, they NEVER reply to these threads…


Yep, my silly guildies are asking people to gear up for GvG… For what? Spend another ton of Pheons, gold, time and effort to just be smashed by p2w people with full BIS equipment and much higher ilvl? No thx, im totally, like, TOTALLY out. The system is horrendous


Sadly, this content is not meant for F2P players

Having some p2w content is a good thing. It gives people a reason to spend money which in turn keeps the game free for everyone else. It one of the few pieces of content where p2w is a thing. Its fine as is, even if i cant afford to be competitive.


The “fair” thing to do is make it equalized content, but they won’t do that. Do you know why? It’s to make you feel like you’re behind, FOMO, so you’re more incline to buy their crystal, or so they think. People will just RMT. See what’s wrong with this picture?

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You are blowthing this out of proportions.

1: Argos is enough to farm a starter GvG gear
2: Eventually you accumulate gold from placing at 3rd spot

GvG 5x3 probably costs 12k max, something any top guild member can shrug off with a weeks farm.

Good luck with your Argos gear against ilvl 1500+ juicers in GvG buddy

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it’s not even the “feeling of being behind” when you hit 1k dmg because they got all the cards/gems/engravings for GvG… and you aways die in 1 hit lol it’s obvious I’ll never be able to do that. I barely have gold/mats to upgrade my PvE equipment…
It’s a shame because I love PvP in these games :frowning:

ya I do get what you’re saying. The disparity between a legit player and one who uses bot and or RMT can be huge.
This issue here is complex on a few level in that the balancing mechanism for pvp needs to be looked at. Also, AGS hasn’t done anything to RMT, so that makes the problem even worse.

The only thing left to equalized pvp is doing the arena. But then again, I made a recent post regarding pvp and how I find it to be unrefined. It’s all about CC and SA in there. That’s my two cent


Its the only content rmters and whales can make themselves feel rewarded for the gold they bought with money.

Better to just pity them and let them be. I sure aint gonna spend money on this P2L game lel

There are a few GvG Siege Islands not based on PvP as in pure combat, like Snowpang and Naruni Island. Gear literally does not matter on these, as well as those that you do on time, like Volare Tranquil and Alteisen.
You dont have to pick Deaths Hold, Medeia or Slime Island to get slaughtered by 1500+ whales/rmt enjoyers

Wouldn’t mind equalized GvG but stop blaming your own inability in GvG on P2W-Whales.

Being GvG ready as a F2P is currently entirely possible. We have multiple 100% F2P Players in our GvG-roster sitting at 1480+ with separate 5x3 GvG Accessoire-Set (super cheap btw) and Engravings. Other factors such as Card sets are not even obtainable with money unless you buy literally every card pack AND happen to be superlucky drawing the right cards. Realistically you have to farm the respective dungeons for hours and snipe vendor cards for weeks.

Also the only thing to be taken away from playing against actual Whale guilds in the past (before a lot of their players got banned for RMT) is that most of these Whales are so bad at the game that even 1540 + level 10 gems couldn’t help them win.

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Pvp content isnt for whales. Pvp accessories are dirt cheap so you already sound misinformed. Anyone can get pvp engravings

But as i already said b4 people need to stop breaking accessories with endurance and domination and sell them on the market. People told me “what for whales will rmt” which shows me how stupid this community is, how can someone whale accessories that are 50-200g

The hardest thing would be cutting a stone, and even those are 1g-50 depending on the mix of engraving


Oh nice they trying to ruin another good thing in game by crying in forum!

GvG needs some tweaks to be a better experience. @Roxx / @Shadow_Fox / @Maselbart

→ The “Free” victory if you have an uneven number of participants needs to be changed. I don’t have a good solution; but it’s way way too powerful in swinging #'s on guilds ranking.
→ The system needs to be round robin, not nearest score. You end up with people below or above you that you never fought, and multiple matches against the same group.
→ The Prizes need to be distributed a bit more evenly to make it more interesting for non-whale guilds to participate. Give 1000 gold to participants or heck even Pheons. Make it a huge deal that even the tiny guilds want to get in on.
→ Let guild leaders control who can enter, and pre-form the team and groups.
→ Guilds need a medium or tool to encourage non-participants to value the activity. eg: Non-participants get a prize outside of Bloodstones if they spectate? Or something.
→ The 1st Place GvG Winner is FORCED to select the same island the next week, this isn’t a good system.
→ S Tier Islands should be rotated out with other PvP Modes every month to give a bit more variety.
→ Capture Events need to have tools to hype up the server, and build more community rapport.
→ 8:30 Sunday night is awful. Just awful. Please change this to a more reasonable schedule when you’re in it for 2~ hours.
→ iLevel Differential Penalties shouldn’t be in. DR from Endurance is fine and dandy, but a 1590 Player just doesn’t take damage even in DPS gear. That said, I didn’t see a single 1590 fielded this week…so maybe the RMT bans did a thing. It’s ok that gear provides advantages - but it feels like trying to kill Moake sometimes. Again…ban the bot-RMTers and it’ll be less of a complaint. “Normal” whales can’t RMT up to high enough of an impact yet.

I’d be okay with equalized GvG; but only if it allowed Engravings like the Raid Book of Coordination. The lack of engravings makes normalized PvP sad panda.

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We don’t have anyone 1500+ in our Guild at all

Think we’re rank 4 or something on Avesta, though we’ve not lost any GvG yet.

GvG only matters for the sweatiest sweats, there’s many ftp people 1430+, if you want to be the best you’ll be competing against the best.

If you want, just do the GvG which is equalized, instead of doing the GvG that isn’t.


The only thing they can be ahead of u in is Tripods for PvP and iLvl, pvp card sets are so easy to get and PvP engravings are cheap AF