Please sell wallpaper separately

Can you guys please sell wallpaper for the roster selection screen separately?
Some of us don’t want skins.


Just sell the skins on AH to make gold instead then

What if I don’t want to do that either?
I just want to purchase only the wallpaper alone.

Yeah please sometimes I just want the wallpaper, I’m not rich and I couldn’t buy the stern pack and I didn’t want either the skins were so ugly lol

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I did the same for the previous wallpaper, but it still sucked having to spend all that money when all i wanted was the wallpaper and the leopard.

Wallpapers never return btw, so you cant just wait for it to return either.

They are betting they will make more money by forcing you to buy the skins + wallpaper vs only wallpaper, they decided wallpaper to be valuable and exclusive.

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If they make this change I want a full refund of the package :upside_down_face:

Exactly why they wont do it, at least not now because they will lose profits they made from you buying the expensive package. Maybe if they feel the game is going to “die” they will start offering more cheap options to squeeze any money they can get.

you guy really want to buy something that you see 1 sec everyday ? why

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Create a market for something useless, why not, clearly its working and seems low effort to create.

+1, i wanted it due to price and it being exclusive to pack, it’s something unique.

if I were AGS I would sell a new wallpaper every week until people stop buying them. $$$$