Please start respecting your own schedules

There comes a new post about resetting EU WEST servers at 16:25 CEST.
We stop an Argos raid in the middle since 5 minutes isn’t enough to finish it. Reset happens at 16:35 with a 10 minute delay…
Professionalism needed.
This is something i saw on multiple occasions on New world and was also one of the many reasons why i stopped playing it.
If you need 2 days to make an update tell us 2,5 days and be sure to open it at the said time.
Nobody is complaining about the long maintenance or reset times, just the fact that it is longer than told.

From one dev to another, use a ToDo list an check all boxes one by one and give an estimated time to it add 20% margin. (30% if your devs are juniors)

If the bug had affected you mid argos and you lose your entry bet youd ve crying about that, so be thankful theyre fixing them right away