Please stop being silent

Players are leaving. Even though I love this game (almost 500h), I tend to agree with all the critiques that they are saying right now.

Don’t turn this into another NW. Communicate. Roadmap, skins, fixes, honing rates. Do something. This game deserves more.


you should leave and move on to wow, players totally got what they asked for, an MLP friendship simulator.

Happened when things went south in NW as well, when there are problems, failed patches, strange issues (such as automated banning of legitimate accounts, etc) the AGS team shells up and stops communicating.

We tried to keep open lines of communication then and it failed to maintain. That isn’t just the fault of AGS, when the community feels an injusted has occured some people can get outright vile and verbally abusive towards the staff which is unacceptable, regardless of what is happening in game.

I hope for the game and the communities sake, they don’t continue down this same road again.

WoW died for me years ago. Right now it is more of a joke than a game.

of course the game is a joke now, players got what they wanted, easier content, raid and dungeon. aint that the same you are asking here, make the game easier so you can hit 1470 then complain because game is a joke and is too easy? so what’s up next? raids and abyss are too hard?

the very simple fact that they’re sending in a couple of SmileGate guys from korea to fix their mess is Everything i needed to know about their competence or lack thereof.

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Well, I’m quite positive about the upcoming week (after their post).