Please stop doing weekly maint at 2-3 hours before SERVER RESET

I don’t understand why every other game on earth does weekly maintenance when the game’s weekly reset occurs in tandem. Lost ark does the weekly maintenance 2-3 hours before weekly server reset time.

I don’t understand why, why do it at 12:00am PDT and not 2:00am PDT the server reset time?


Who knows but what’s the difference? Just think of it as reset being 12am PDT.

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Because that makes no sense and no MMO handles it this way. Weekly reset should be a consistent time, and you shouldn’t take time away from players at the end of the weekly cycle for maintenance you should do that going into the new week. It’s one thing if you’re doing an extra maintenance throughout the week but when the maintenance is on the same day as weekly reset it does nothing but frustrate some players


or just assume the week ends 3 hours before it should on the last day and get everything done before then. not a big deal at all. they have already proven they are always going to roll out updates close to the reset time which is fine its just extra bad on the last day of the week - plan ahead and it literally doesn’t affect you at all.

Yeah it’s really rough, I didnt have time for finish dailies, weeklies and other stuff before the reset last night and only unlocked some of that content last night.

Was going to do them this morning, ended up getting up and setting alarm for 3am so I could get it all done…

Going back to bed now… ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

Question is why they wont do Maint at Wednesday, it was day designed For maintence We have nothing going on that day , no bosses, no islands… nothing.


You can’t plan ahead because they almost never give you more than a couple hours notice for it. It’s not every day so it’s not like you can plan for it on certain days, the only thing that has consistency really is the reset time. Even when they do give notice not everyone can plan ahead some can only play at night. That’s usually why they put reset times late at night to accommodate more players. Understandably it’s a maintenance affecting multiple time zones which is even more reason why they should have it when the actual reset is as that’s what everyone is used to. Otherwise what’s the point of that even being the reset time? May as well make that 12pt/3et too.

You should have a set amount of time to get your shit done and when they’re planning updates in advance they should be smart enough to put it at the reset time. It’s easy for them to do and would alleviate a lot of players frustrations while making very few mad. I can’t see anyone having a problem with them moving maintenance two hours later to be the time of weekly reset so they have more time for their stuff.

Sure it’s easy to say just deal with and plan around it, but the point is we shouldn’t have to. They just shouldn’t make a bad decision like that in the first place

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Get over it. Honestly. Because I hope it never changes.

would you rather have maintenance at 4PM? Deal with it. get used to it. Most of us are pretty okay with this timers as we have work. Get a job. Go for a walk. Get a dog. do something with your life to fill up mornings.

yea cuz everyone has only 1 shift :>

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they have consistently done maint on weekly reset day. so what do you do? do your weeklys and get everything done BEFORE weekly reset day monkaHmm so hard.

It’s almost 1am here in PDT North America, where Amazon Game Studios is based. We would rather have a 4 hour maintenance AT the weekly reset, not before and especially not with such late notice. Some people are finishing up their weekly stuff, it’s not just about playing it’s about playing before the weekly reset.

If you have work you should also be alright with it just being 2 hours later to accommodate your fellow players. Why do you have an issue with something that would help others enjoy the game more and not hurt you?

Again like I said, it’s easy to say just plan ahead and it’s also easy for them to just make the maintenance two hours later. What’s your point? If you don’t care why do you have such an issue others do? hmm

I don’t understand why, why do it at 12:00am PDT and not 2:00am PDT the server reset time?

Presumably the fact that the actual developer is sitting in Korea, where 12am PDT makes it 4PM local time plays a factor.

Should something go horribly wrong during maintenance, having someone immediately available, because it’s still their workday (maybe the appropriate people start a tad later that day) is so much better than having to call people in at 7PM from their dinner.

Yeah, I’d personally prefer maintenance to start at reset, but with the timezone spread of developer in Korea, players in NA & Europe there wont be any optimal solution.

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That’s the first valid reason I’ve seen honestly, everyone else just shrugs off and says whatever I’m fine with it. Not sure how true it is but I can see that actually being the case

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I’m with you, I dont like to log in before reset to finish up una/weekly and then bam, server is down so you can’t complete. Do it at start of fresh week, not at the end.

Becourse the majority of gamers aint in the us, but in eu

Actually I was wondering the same thing, it’s a bit weird isn’t it lol.

I like how ESO does it, EU gets updates during EU downtime and NA gets updates during NA downtime. It’s not like the regions communicate with each other in game anyway. Also the cool part is if you roll something out in one region and realize there are issues, you can fix it before you roll it out to the other region :slight_smile:

The maintenance starts at midnight Pacific time which is the tail end of Pacific time’s prime time.
If they started any later then the maintenance would push into EU’s afternoon play hours.
Midnight is the perfect middle ground for an NA/EU maintenance time.