Please stop matching my 420 GS with 1400GS in Chaos, Guardian or Abyss

I want to actually play the game and have challenge, not just be carried through content. It has gotten to the point where matchmaking is unusable if I actually want a challenge. For people that don;t want that challenge, just let them forma a party manually. In fact if you are over a certain gear score you should still be able to play the raid but not use matchmaking. Rather form your own party. Matchmaking should only work within a certain level band.


I’d love to see you being able to play lower content with your main again (and get rewards for it) but it lowers your GS to the GS that is appropriate for that Dungeon/Raid.

this will be a thing in the future, hard mode guardian raids that “normalize” gear

I’d love to end up in a Guardian Raid on an alt with a T3 person who one shots the boss. It would save me a lot of time. Unfortunately it’s only ever happened once, so I find it odd that you experience it that frequently.

If you see people doing 40-50% of the damage in T1, they’re also probably still in T1 gear, not T3. I got that a lot on my Sorc alt who was upper 500 ilvl doing the turtle daily. Still T1, just well above what you need to be for him.


Devils advocate… why dont you just manually form a party?

On a side note, dont worry, even with a full 1400 GS to your 460, you’ll have plenty of ways to bone a raid not knowing what you’re doing, no matter how geared people are shortly.

I dont want to be carried because I want challenge. I honestly think matchmaking should not be an option for anyone over a certain GS. They can play but have to form a group.

It’s not about normalizing gear for me but that I can play older content with my main that I already far outlevel. Even if I downgear, I still won’t get any rewards for it.

u do get drops from doing the guardian raids… I’ve done many many carries and each guardian kill drops a few guardian and destruction stones as well as progress towards whatever achievements are tied to that boss. As far as harvesting the souls, u can do that i guess if you want to waste your harvests… I’m not sure what kind of rewards you think youre supposed to be getting from a guardian raid.

I’m mainly talking about abyssal dungeons…when I’m in T3 the few stones I get from a T1 guardian do not matter at all.

I smell a BS post.

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