Please stop messing with numbers behind the scenes!

I mean really.

Within 10 minutes of each other, I hit TWO PITY HONES at +7. Each starting at 80% honing chance. EVEN IF honing chance wasn’t going UP as you accumulate artisan energy, this is statistically IMPOSSIBLE.

Aka the chances of this happening are 0.20.2020.20.20.202*0.2 = 0.00000256 which means the chance that you fail an 80% hone 8 times in a row happens to be 0.000256% (or 0.16% failing 4 times in a row at 80% hones per item).

Are you fudging probabilities on purpose or just can’t program them right? I got used to not being able to hone almost nothing past +15… but when I’m pity honing +7s on an alt, I’m ready to go bananas


So you say there is a possibility you can hit that bad Luck?


having “statistically impossible BAD LUCK” in a game is just terrible game design

you want to keep your players, right?

don’t design your game to have random RIDICULOUS PUNISHMENT doled out to them. it doesn’t make any sense from a design perspective

Each tap, you had a 20% chance to fail. I don’t see that as being impossible. Does it suck, sure, but it’s not impossible. I’ve also had bad since I started playing the game. I’ve also one-tapped on a few occasions. I’ve had good and bad experiences on the last few taps to reach a new tier milestone as well. It’s RNG. They’re most likely not messing with numbers behind the scene.

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it is rigged just like casino machines.

easier way to test

T1 character I have with stronghold buff, rank up mats and books, going +14 to +15 on weapon
90% chance and going up
failed every single attempt (3) fully juiced till hitting pity

90% success failed
94% success failed
98% success failed

it’s rigged. especially when you transition from one tier to the other, very noticable.

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have you ever played XCOM and missed 7 90% shots in a row?

Just forget about honing numbers and treat it like filling an XP Bar. if you suceed earlyx thats amaing if not Artisan 100 is your goal


and that was FUN for you?

having statistically bad luck is bound to happen too someone. thats how it works

someone out here is pitying every single piece of gear, while someone else has 1 tapped there way to full +25. it all averages out, the rest of us have had very average luck.

it doesn’t NEED to work that way, you literally are doing the programming in a game. you can have it work however you want

TBH that was hilarious.

it takes all sorts, i guess

You might wanna check the rates at a higher item level. Just so you save time playing if this bothers you this much.


everytime i see these post yall remind me that education in the west needs a revamp because theirs no way grown adults see something isnt 100% and go “this is illogical non sense that i didnt get something that ISNT 100%”


no actually you cant so aslong as its rng. because thats what rng means

people have asked that they “add a system that u just bring a bunch of mats and it upgrades 100%” but that system already exists, its the artisan energy one.

you have both a rng system and a 100% upgrade system rolled into one. if this isnt fun then this probably isnt the game for you

These threads always bring out the possibility andies. Lots of things are possible. It’s possible to fail a 99.9% success rate a googleplex times in a row. It’s possible for Schrodinger’s cat to quantum tunnel through a wall. Talking about possibilities is meaningless.

Things that happen 4-5 standard deviations from the norm on a regular basis is kind of weird.

True i Just 6 taped 2 3% items … I cant stand IT anymore

artisan’s energy isn’t rng. so you just proved that the system doesn’t have to be pure rng

i mean, don’t undermine your own argument by providing proof for the other team…

nope but in the end it is JUST a game deal with it and either GAME ON or quit and go on with your life.

it is what it is

If it’s not 100%, it’s 50/50. You either pass or you don’t.

Your math suggests that your previous rolls adjust, reflect, or have any weight on the next rolls which it doesn’t. Each roll has a new random set of numbers and a new set of possibilities.

This is just basic probability. Sometimes you get the short straw, and sometimes you don’t. While it is entirely possible that they are messing with numbers and stuff behind the scenes, the fact that this was done does not directly prove or even suggest that.

Your math and your saying that it makes that “impossible”, would also suggest that getting a 1 tap a couple of times in a row, rolling a perfect stone, or any other number of good RNG is also impossible, but it’s been done and there are videos of it happening. It just hasn’t happened for you.

This is just the nature of RNG and probability. It’s maddening, for sure, but it does not indicate foul play.

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