PLEASE Stop messing with our quests when using power pass!

I was first harmed with the north vern power pass that completed rooster quests all the way to Shushire in my main, and now I see that using Punika’s power pass “completed” my second awakening quest in my main (I was only able to do it through Beatrice like my main was an alt). I got the second awakening easier but couldn’t experience the quest. I’m one of the few who cares about the lore of this game and I feel treated like garbage, the developers don’t even care to warn which quests will be lost with the use of the power pass, because if they warned, I would have completed it before using the power pass . Even these quests are not complete in my quest journal, but I can’t do them either, so they never will. This bothers the hell out of me!


Thank you for your feedback! I will forward your sentiment to the Dev team.

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Definitely a shared sentiment.

Back nearer launch I was also blindsided by Shushire getting completed and preventing me from ever experiencing many once-per-roster quests there. Vern is unlocked before you get to Shushire, and I used the Vern pass on a second character when my first just finished Vern – before I even sailed to Shushire.

If anything Shushire completion should be tied to the Rohendel pass, since it’s immediately between Vern and Rohendel.

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Thanks for the additional feedback regarding the power passes!

G G G G G G G theres quests? Maybe make it an option. Complete all the quests you want for me

The best part of passes is that they complete these quests for the roster.

I’m a relatively new player myself and share the concern of the OP. I want to do the quests myself the first time.

Fortunately, this ‘problem’ with power passes is not exactly new, and I had read about it before I even started playing. I just waited to use the Vern Powerpass on an alt until I had cleared Shushire and didn’t use the Punika powerpass after finishing Punika until I made sure I was done with all the quests there, including the final post-story ones that have a ‘can’t continue until the next day’ on the chain.

@alexandrecardoso …The 2nd awakening can be done after finishing Rohendel. If you used a Punika powerpass on an alt before even finishing Rohendal on your main, then there are quite a few more quests beside just the 2nd awakening that you won’t see on any characters now. There’s a few entire quest-chains on each of the continents that it ‘completes’ for the entire roster.

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Thanks for adding to the discussion. I think making this optional would be a welcomed change.

@JaggidEdje Thank you for contributing to this topic! We appreciate your feedback.

The worst part is that this issue happened with the vern pass, people complained and they just ignored it, and I don’t see why now would be any different. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Yeah, for the alts I thinks it’s great but not to my main character cause now I’ll never be able to experience this quest

Thanks! Hope the team listen to players feedback this time! :grimacing:

Yep, I don’t expect them to do anything about it this time either. The thread I had read before I even started playing was quite long with many people complaining about it, from back near the release of the game. I had found the thread because I searched for what exactly a powerpass all does, not wanting to use it until I was 100% clear on the effects.

Honestly, if you did care about those quests, you would have done them already before using any sort of progression skip.