Please stop, STOP!

Can we please stop talking trash about the game? Can we please stop talking about price of blue cristals going up? (aint going down man no way). Can we please stop talking about pheons price? Can we just play the game and less reddit/forum? Can we stop blaming those who do busses just to earn a bit more gold? Guys for real play more game and less forum/reddit cuz that does not improve your gameplay or push ILVL.


Well agree but people who are using the forum are actually maybe just 5% of the community. Maybe start being one of the 95% and just play and don’t get fed up with the people writing here. Some do have a point though and give really really good and constructive feedback :hugs: no worries we will get through this difficult times and hope for better

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I will stop once they give us back the legendary skins they took away.


i just visit forum/reddit when I shutdown the game and I keep watching for like 5-10 min… and every day is the same shit, every single day. People actually dont play the game they just Twitch backseat, forums and reddit man that is insane cuz after they start arguing about what they dont have any clue…

PD: btw can we stop repeating ALL what KR say? thx.


They took it away in first place because a bunch of rabbits were saying it was a p2w system. Now you cry you want it, just stop.

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I mean the game only has 1 good redeeming factor and that’s the legion raids. The rest is kinda garbage :laughing:


We FORUMERS are here to speak our mind and release some stress. Imagine theres no FORUM or REDDIT to post what you have in your head about the game? Would you talk to yourself or to somebody who doesnt have any idea what are you trying to say to them?

Everything you read/see in FORUMS or REDDIT, dont take it personally.


also playing does not push ILVL, I’ve been stucked for a month at 1467 cause honing rate :grinning:

Yes close your eyes so the game isn’t in a sad state

*Game is absolutly beautiful, publisher not.
*Ok. Maybe.
*Absolutly not.
*I do play, and I come to forums because it is general discussion or feedback
*If busses are priced like 500.000G or any absurd amount, I dont think so.

This ain’t even 5%. This is a fraction of a percent.

Sad state why? You only hear shit so what u gonna tell? Shit. Stop complaining. Get used to new systems. Lost Ark have tons of new systems but yeah better cry and say “pls fix” “buff pls” “WhY pHeOnS eXpEnSiVe”.

Cmon. Get used to the systems.

How could you possibly know this from the 5-10 mins a day you look at Reddit/Forums? How about you stop white-knighting for AGS, and let people complain about the valid issues with this hot garbage game? Who do you think you are? What gives you the right to demand people stop voicing their opinions? Instead, save your self the clear anxiety this gives you, and go do something else for 5-10 min after shutting down the game.

ive totally changed my view i used to be a complainer, but ive relized this game is free to download and free to play… do you people go to work and not expect a paycheck, do you give ur time and effort away for free. AGS has to make money so how, so now im on there side, if ur F2p Dont complain, but if you swipe , then ill more than gladly listen to your input

how about you take your own advice and go off the forum if you dont like it? :joy:

Yea we can!
About pheons though no we cant stop, they only purpose they serve is to “stop” flipping, which they don’t LOL

Unlike SG/Ags, GGG welcomes your money for cosmetics :stuck_out_tongue:

Or you could, I dunno, go do something productive irl.

1% seems like the better number, I’m 100% sure theres people that have quit the game and now only post on forums.