Please stop taking lazy actions and enforce strict solution against the bots

AGS has been taken numerous actions against fighting the bots.
Whatever AGS did, the bots returned within hours as if it was nothing.
Just dispatch a GM in the game and ban them on sight.
I guarantee it’ll be much more effective than VPN blocking or reward nerfs.
Tbh player experience shouldn’t be altered because of Bots in the first place. :woman_shrugging:

They would need about 1000 GMs. Not only that but while a GM is watching a player to see if it is a bot, about 100 more can be created and will slip by. See why this idea is not tenable?

It doesn’t have to be 1000 GM’s Subdriver.
Even 1 GM can help in reducing the bots. :slight_smile:

Did you read what i wrote? Yes, they will need that many. Do the math for every server, every region, every map. Then know that these accounts are created automatically and in the time one gets banned over 100 can be created.

So are you telling me you did the math?
Please provide us with the formula, otherwise it’s just your assumption.

Yes, thats why I said close to 1000. Lets do it real quick this way: say 5 zones over 60 servers. That would be 300 GMs. 8 hours shifts is 900 GMs. That is even low since there are way more than 5 zones.

Theres about 400k bots running around do u really think a single GM will be able to ban all of em? Lol even if the GM were a super AI that can ban a bot every second would be enough only to ban 86k bots per day

I never said a single GM can ban every bots Zomb. :slight_smile:
A little of something is better than nothing, don’t you agree?