Please stop talking about DPS meters, they don't matter

It’s a lot more important that we get a log site similar to:


Currently at endgame PvE there is very few ways to visually gauge your personal performance past the MVP board.

Things like being able to see our rotations, how many times we are getting knocked, as well as being able to compare ourselves to other people playing the same class, as well as engraving at a specified ilvl would make PvE a lot more interesting.

I really don’t care about an in-game meter, however a log site backed by SG/AGS would be much appreciated and help to make the PvE community more robust. Allow people to opt out from having their logs collected and allow the ones who want to actively improve based off statistics rather than a poorly optimized MVP board do so.

Every big, healthy PvE game that has come out had some form of log system. The reason being is when content gets boring, what keeps a lot of them playing is pushing for a higher “parse” or optimizing their character based on very specific data.


I view “dps meter” as “performance meter” that would show most of this ingame, and ingame would definitely be way handier and easier to use, but i agree a logs site for indepth analysis would also be really nice


We have DPS meter in Training Grounds (sadly YouTubers/Streamers that create Class Guides don’t show their DPS on that, which doesn’t help. much, since that min-max is a important range metric).

Why do you need anything beyond that?

There is no in-game way to see your damage logs and they will never make that public because it will create sites and apps that essentially make DPS meters… Don’t talk like a site that parses logs isn’t at it’s core a DPS meter… It doesn’t have to be in-game to be a DPS meter.

Never going to have anything officially backed by AGS/SG so figure out a way to do it outside of the TOS or stop opening stupid threads like this because it won’t change.


If you played any of the bigger MMOs, or take the time to click the above links it’s very obvious why having more than that provided a huge benefit to the entire community.

Trixion is a massive meme. It shows optimal DPS which even when a class is played at the highest level is never the case.


You can see in Training Grounds the outcome dmg per second

You face palm, but the log systems Is the reason people enjoy raiding in game like WoW or ff14 past the first few clears.

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I played WoW for 10+ years… I know exactly what they do… Regardless of your “feels” the developers have said no to DPS meters 4 times over the last 5+ years most recently in the latest LOA ON so… suck it up already?

Would love to see your 10 years of logs.

A meter and a log system are two totally different things.

One pulls from the game and shows DPS regardless of other players opting into it, the other requires the player consenting to their performance being pulled.

It still doesn’t matter of it’s opt in or not. The fact is the core design of log parsing is DPS meters. It’s to create psuedo rankings. It’s why all dem parsers try to get to the top. Once you have an opt in/out system you then have parties in the group finders that then say “No logs, no group”.

For me it doesn’t matter since I got a static. But for anyone else who actually pugs I bet that’ll be a fun experience.

That type of comment is literally the entire problem they are trying to avoid in this game.


comments about having experience with the log systems
Doesn’t have experience with them

Logs allow competitive environments to strive. Legion raids and hell modes are what revitalized the game in KR, forming a community around bring better at those things brings a more robust PvE community. MVP board allows people to be just as toxic lul.

Sure, but thats just like pulling credit reports require consent.
You want the appartment? Then give me access to your credit report.

Do I have a choice? Sure, I can let go of (basically any) appartment.
Same thing will happen to groups if such tools are allowed. People WILL get pressured into giving consent.

It would accomplish exactly what the devs want to avoid by NOT allowing DPS-Meters…

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All done without DPS meters or log parsers. Imagine that. So why do you need them again?

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People will just make fun of you for not showing up on the MVP board, what’s the difference?

Ah so you didn’t raid at even a top 35% level, thus not having experienced the community around that percentile. Understood.

Again, you don’t understand how logs work. Both warcraft and FF logs have the ability to stagger the logs or make them in real time. If they made the logs pull after the fight then no one would care about pulling other people’s logs.

I stopped playing that dog shit game after Firelands. I completed every single peice of raid content in that game. Used in-game DPS meters/log parsers for all of it and had 0 issues clearing anything. I’m unsure what else is needed on top of that? But that type of comment is the literal type of trash the developers are trying to keep out of the game.

Ah jesus. How can someone who claims to know how log parsers work think it won’t be a historical thing. People will want your last clear and given it’s weekly reset gated you got plenty of time to ensure that’s there before the next week. Or they can go force you to smash a target dummy to see what your theoretical max is. It’s about gate keeping people out of groups which already happens if these forums are anything to go by.

Just go clear normalized hell mode legion raids, get your title and cosmetics and flop your dick out on the table and you are sorted.


I think it’s funny that you say we need an officially-supported logging site and bring up fflogs in the same post, which is absolutely not SE-supported, and in fact goes against everything they have stated publicly about logging.

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You’re commenting in a very bias fashion on something you know nothing about.

Logs didn’t exist in cataclysm, they came out in 2013. MoP, also the time when wow had more people raiding than ever before.

For mythic progression logs are locked as private during the first few weeks, that system could easily be used to make logs more private. Such as only being able to view said logs when you’re logged in or auto deleting every week.