Please stop talking about DPS meters, they don't matter

Hilariously enough it gets more website traffic than their main site.

DPS meter does not matter cause your not in a constant stand still point with a tab to target monster casting constantly. Due to certain mechanics on bosses your dps will drop a lot and people not realizing this

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How would a meter matter there what?

Did you literally just say log parsing didn’t exist before 2013? The site you are using didn’t exist before 2013 sure. But log parsing most certainly did. Curse even literally had their own downloadable app to parse and dispaly logs…

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The old “log system” had no analysis for the fight nor did it have rankings. It was a literal meter.

It was just DPS.

Edit: if you’re referring to curse meter the parses weren’t even class specific lmao.

Yes it did. You talk like the ability to attribute damage or break it down is some kind of new fangled 2013 technology… Is it better nowdays? Yeah. But it most certainly did exist before.

Curse wasn’t the only one. There were ones before it they were just the example I used to point out that before 2013 people were parsing logs which you said they weren’t. It was just the most popular. For someone who claims to know how log parsers work it’s mind boggling that you think if anyone can get the pysical logs that no one else other then some big names can write things to parse them…

Show me an example of a parser in cata.

this game doesn’t need dps meter
it needs players to understand their kit and master it
understand, practice and memorize mechanics
understand counter, weakpoint, stagger, battle items
understand how to build right and master your class build
dps meter doesn’t tell you any of that

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Again not DPS meter, logs tell you how you perform against other people playing the same class and engraving as you, as well as sorting it by ilvl.

And what is the key metric used to divine that?

Btw curse logging wasn’t released until late 2012, which is MoP.

Edit : so just to clarify, you did not play with logs.

Logs can piss off along with meters, just turns the game into min-max hell

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its the same, even worse, they will ask you for your logs and check your dps there, it will start being a requirement and create an elite community, we don’t want that here. it brings nothing but toxicity and elitism.

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There’s lots of MMOs that don’t allow it’s players to min max, just no one really plays them.

Wake up call in Vykas incoming.

And guess what, people don’t care about them. At least a good majority of MMO players don’t

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Most used website having to do with WoW, more so than WoWhead and icy veins.

Same for ff14.

Again, you sound like you literally haven’t played WoW before Cata and if you did you were pretty potato at it. As I said I used Curse as an example because they made it more accessiable with their app because it was tied in to the app the managed addons. There was plenty of other third party apps before curse that took logs and parsed them.

Regardless, your blanket statement that log parsing didn’t exist before 2013 just shows how “deep” you know the background of the so called “large” community you are a part of.

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You literally used the worst example, because WoW is already min maxed

Can you link one from curse? They have release dates on everything there! Shouldn’t be hard to find, but for some reason I can’t seem to find one :pleading_face: