Please stop talking about DPS meters, they don't matter

you can find your own group of like minded individuals but not enforce a tool on the game and the whole playerbase. find a guild or make your own premade.

See, this is what you’re not getting.

Its mainly the people in good guilds speedclearing content or bussers who want it, not people pugging lol.

There is numerous github repos all with links to the code dating back 10+ years. Hell things were stored differently back there if you go back to SVN etc.

Show me one that had combat analysis and fight logs with rankings.

Oh nice, so now you speak for those people as if they all told you they wanted logs or meters. Great argument.

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Would love to know someone who’s taking the PvE more seriously/bussing content early that wouldn’t be interested in seeing their performance in the form of data.

The sites don’t exist anymore you potato… I don’t know why that’s so hard to understand. The fact that the code exists for parsing logs prior to 2013 which you said didn’t exist… which then can be aggregated to create rankings proves it “existed”.

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The only people who wouldn’t want these systems are the underperforming players, and this is an easy way to actually improve.

Crazy that there’s not even Google searches for them before MoP release.

Edit: wayback machine is a great tool for looking at websites that are no longer around.

I already take PvE seriously and don’t even give a damn about logs. I still won’t care by the time clown gets released and I have hard Vykas on farm.

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Lol I’m sure

no, we saw how other mmos use it, it will be used to gate people out of content
good guilds speedclearing content can literally do 1 guild run of the raid and find good players, no need for logs
bussers? if you are carrying, you and whoever is driving should be capable and know eachother, and have done this so many times, what the logs are for here?

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To improve, magically enough people who are good at something try to get progressively better.

Logs also didn’t gatekeep content. It gatekept you from a top percentile of guilds until you deserved to be there.

That is BS and you know it. There are plenty of LFGs on wow who used to validate people joining on a flipping heroic difficulty raid.

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Lfr and normal are what the vast majority of WoW players are in.

LFR is a literal button click to queue, doesn’t count. Normal pugs use it too. And I know this because my raid leader used logs for a Denathrius and Sylvanas normal when those were current.

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with using logs.

Trixion is far from a meme. If I just followed maxroll or YouTube guides for my character I would have been doing extremely suboptimal damage through the entirety of my leveling experience on many of my characters as those guides are crafted for Korean endgame.

I was able to find the optimal build as I leveled by spending hours in there. It’s a fantastic tool. It works as a great guide in determining whether an upgrade is worth investing in or even if it is an upgrade for that matter. It allows me to see how my character is growing as I increase ilevel and obtain new armor. Most importantly it’s great for helping you choose which engravings and stats to prioritize.

I think it’s more useful than a report that would tell me if I was knocked down. I know if I’m knocked down, it’s one of the most negatively impactful things that can happen and a report doesn’t fix that. A log doesn’t tell me why I was knocked down or how to fix it. Repetition by playing the game does.

Being able to see how many times you completed a rotation is also pretty irrelevant as random boss behavior changes how you play and many classes don’t have a fixed rotation. It also changes depending on how quickly a boss is killed.

Will DPS meters show how many times I was targeted by Valtan for the 4 axe smash mechanic? Or if I got targeted by the red cone mechanic? The prison mechanic along with 3 others? If i was the target of the fear mechanic from gate 1?

Those mechanics will lower my DPS man.

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bussers? if you are carrying, you and whoever is driving should be capable and know eachother, and have done this so many times, what the logs are for here?

This isn’t true at all. Picking up co-drivers in bussing communities is pretty popular. Especially on your alts. It’s not easy finding the best time to sell as you mostly have to sell at times that work best for everyone, and at a time where there are no other groups selling so you don’t have to undercut each other to nothing. Static groups for bussing just aren’t consistent. I picked up some randoms to bus HValtan yesterday in a co-driver lfg because no one I knew was on. Consider joining one of the bus stations if you have similar struggles. Lost Ark Bus Stations Mega Thread