Please stop time gating people by RNG armor drop in T3

Ok, this is just ridiculous. Yesterday I got to T3 with my pally alt and had the mats to reach 1340 on him, so I can start my Igrexion time. I had 80 rested bonus so I thought it will be easy to get all the gear, right?

Well… no. In the first chaos dungeon at 15% I got dced from the game for no reason, restarted the game immediately, but unfortunately game takes too long to launch and didn’t make it in time.

Second run I got almost every gear piece I needed - I was missing just the gloves, but it wasn’t a big deal, I can wait for one more day.

Today I logged in and immediately went to the chaos dungeon on my pally with 40 rested bonus. First run - didn’t get the gloves. Second run - guess what… Didn’t get the gloves. I can’t buy it from the market, so I have to wait till tomorrow and pray that I will be blessed by RNG. And rested bonus is gone… What kind of game design is that?

Please either make T3 blue gear tradable on the market, increase the drop rates of blue gear in the first T3 dungeon, or add some pity system on getting that gear. It’s an absurd that with 80 rested bonus and (almost) 4 chaos dungeon runs I wasn’t able to drop every gear piece and I have to wait for 3 days to finally (maybe) go further with the character.

I will say this, you are definitely not the only one being “time-gated” i was on 3/4 of my characters.

I was gated in limbo for 5 days on my main. People have been asking about this since launch… yes, AGS/SG very good at manage game.