Please, The West Needs Clarification

Amazon & Smilegate,

As a fan who has been following the game for about a year or so by now, I would like to add my personal feedback. As a disclaimer, I am still satisfied with playing the game, but I feel in tier 3 I’m having a bad experience like a majority of the playerbase in this community. We felt as if promises and hopes for our western release felt betrayed with the rollout of the latest patch. And no, it wasn’t necessarily because of adding Argos into the game itself, but because we had nothing to go alongside of this release to help us get to that content in a fair way.

A majority of players, including myself have said that honing buffs would be a definite plus for the game. There were honing buffs on other versions of the game, why would our version not release with some of those in place in the first place? (fear of beta complainers maybe?) The idea of getting Argos out in a month after launch was part of Gold River’s plan for the western release. However, the lack of honing buffs caused a major backup and we are lacking players in t3 still, despite him wanting everyone to be there. I am amongst some of those people that are in t3 doing content, but that in itself feels pretty lackluster in its current state.

The thing we need at the very least that we are missing from our version of the game is CONTENT THAT PROVIDES TIER 3 HONING MATERIALS

We are missing:

  • Challenge Guardian Weeklies
  • Challenge Abyssal Dungeons
  • PvP Vendors
  • South Vern Chaos
  • Ridge

This is what we need at the very least in my opinion. If you release this alongside honing buffs, that would be the best decision, but this lack of content is the rough part of the game for a majority of us t3 players in the “dead zone” 1340-1370 area.

Please Amazon and Smilegate, don’t wait for too long and give us the clarification necessary so we can stop worrying about it. I have looked forward to the western version like so many of us!! We really need a clear answer on how this issue will be resolved.

Thanks and have a happy Tuesday,