Please try to implement the pheon cost reduction asap

Please try to implement the pheon cost reduction that KR just announced to our region soon…

We don’t need to wait months for that its literally changing values :smiley:


you need to wait till they implement it on kr and kr prepares the patch for us to be shipped ± 2 month i d say

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Yeah, you’re right. But i meant that this isn’t something they should make us wait for/ take long to implement in our region once KR has it

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First you have to wait until they take your money, your time and your respect before they implement it in the game. We will all be gone by then

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my guess is that we gonna get the january balance patch in our anniversary patch around feb or something with other qol and potentially a new class, so chances are you gotta have to wait atleast until then, could still take longer tho idk, i kinda think they didnt release the roadmap yet to wait after loaon too

You will wait at least 1 year for the pheon reduction.

But brel hard and akkan will come in 3 months so the market will implode from the lack of honing materials and rigged honing rates, causing people to spend or quit. Which is what they want, a cashgrab before blue protocol.

I feel like we won’t get these reduced costs before ancient items