Please un nerf the Artillerist .. .

All the other classes in pvp are good except the Artillerist. Artillerist is the worst and unfortunately my main. WAY to Slow animations to fire off practically every weapon skill even with swift maxed out. The turret mode is nice but it goes really fast and leaves you a pounding post. No counter attack and the one thats there it only good for nothing. With an extremally tiny swing area of attack cant really count it as an attack especially in pvp. By the time an Artillerist fires its skill off the enemy has moved on from the targeted location. And the regular normal gun attack is a joke with the “extremally” slow turning and very slow rate of fire and the stagger it causes is just not worth firing it off. It just gets any Artillerist killed. All the other classes juggle stagger an Artillerist to death in pvp. Not much of a contest once the opponent figures this out about fighting against an Artillerist. 2 to 3 seconds for attack moves to fire out is worthless especially compared to the other classes that practically insta cast all their fast “wide” hitting moves that stagger or interrupt all the Artillerist attack moves. The Artillerist moves are not that devastating compared to others to deem its turtle like speed. Please fix this.

artillerists are very often top damage in the matches i play


Tell me you never played Sharpshooter in PvP without telling me you never play Sharpshooter in PvP.

“The worst class in PvP” xddd

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worst class btw kekw, but is legit the easiest class to climb ranks w, so easy to abuse only really good players can play against it and 1 mistake and u can lose all ur hp

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I main arti and pvp regularly with him, it sounds like the playstyle is not for you, because i think they are monsterous, you have to play around them and not allow yourself to get dunked by the booms

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Have you considered that maybe you’re just not good with it ?


Doesnt napalm shot counter? I thought it did. Just curious, ive been hard pushing bard for a while so my arti has been collecting dust.

Yeah,its a counter. I have altillerist alt and used napalm shot and forward barrage as counter. Idk why he used swing tho.

Also i used swing to stun ppl after machine gun shot. So its important for pvp.

I fkn hate art in pvp, it has one gimmick but its hard to deal with it in 3v3.

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You gotta be kidding me… Art is super strong as a solo carry in low lvl pvp. In high lvl pvp it works well with destroyer / sorc and other cc gods… I’m in mid-ladder (Supreme 3) and my Art has an MVP rate of 40%…

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the class ist fine in pvp and i would say somewhere araound the mid.
it deals good dmg and has some good cc immuns
only porblem ist the class has only one big dmg combo in pvp and thats it miss it or get cc during it and well your lost a big amount of dmg for the next 20 sec
and that your more or less get hard counters by classes with a high amount of stagger immunity and atack skill that moves them as you cant gatling dodge swing combo them.
his animation are slow yes but that are part of the class deal with it.
and in pve its one of the best class if your know what your doing . good amount of shield nice dmg 2 good counters and many weakpoint atacks.

the class is ridiculous in pvp, has cc of 3s most is 1.5s, has shield, push immunity of 8 FUCKING SECONDS, has an absurd burst, a skill that can change the direction THAT HAS PUSH IMMUNITY, what do you mean you don’t you can play, of course 3x3 you depend on the team, but you can do a lot with the class, normally and the recommended thing is that you use 750 swif in pvp1 crit and 249 expertise, this already breaks his nerdesa a lot, the class it has several strengths, you commented that the class doesn’t have a counter attack, do you really play with the class or read the skills? napalm, swing and forward barrage are skills that have counter attack, maybe the class is not for you.

i would not call it riduiculous its a mid-good pvp class and the number 1 noob stomper but that all have a team with a little brain and he is easy to counter
first is he use shield you can just run away or burst it down its not thats strong 20%in pvp with a 40 sec base cd 2-3 fast dmg skills and it is down
his burst looks strong but not rly bigger than any other class burst it just looks big as 4 sec of skill just hit at the same time. this is also a burst that a good team can simply counter as you allways know when he is it in 90% of fight he first use shield (if not on cd) then gatling and if he stagers one he use dodge and then stun bash.
and this is the point where you can simply stop his burst as a good team mate
without shield just stagger him or use t2 stun
if shield just use any t3 stun he is stuck in the anymation so has no doge as its on cd.
if you stun him great now you have a arti in the mid of your team without any dmg skill he has no escape and cc so you got a easy target to kill done.

funny thing is the class is also one of the classes that can get countert by his own team mates by pushing the stuned target out of your aoe and you dont want to know how often this happens…

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Artillerist is good, the problem is some classes having super armor on every cast :smiley: and with a good team you do good job.
I have no problem with artillerist presently in pvp, it’s all about skill

an exemple of what I can do in a rank match

Arty needs a nerf since it’s braindead, u just sit on ur wheel chair and hit buttons, wtf is that broken as class, nerf ASAP.

if Arty is braind dead what about zerker or deathblade or igniter sorc who only need to hit 1 big skill for the main dmg.
jeah arty is tanky and can take many hits but do you know why because his wheel chair allone roots him for more than 10 sec to the same spot if you want to use the full burst.
or his 2-3 main dmg skill out of wheel char boss start to move 1 sec after you use your first dmg still ohh to bad boss out of range or you want to use flametrowher for energy you know what i change agrro and run out of range…poff 40% firepower meter gone and now 10sec+ longer for the next burst phase…
im sure arty is not the hardest class but is far far away from being brainddead

Laughs in Sharpshooter

Someone asking for Artillerist buff must be really bad at PvP.

I’d say by far the easiest class to have decent impact with even if you’re not that good individually.

Do you mean “Someone asking for artillerist buffs must…”?
Because otherwise I am not sure what your second statement is referring to

Yeah, my bad.