Please update Kalthertz Island

When the game first released Kalthertz Island had 5-7 channels. Over the weeks this has decreased to 3-4 channels to 1-2 channels. The channels did not seem to be based on player population because back when there was 5-7 channels, about 3-4 of them would be completely empty.

The problem is that many people go to Kalthertz Island for both the Una’s Daily task and to farm Pirate Coins. Considering this is one of the very few ways to farm Pirate Coins, it would be nice if it was easier. As of right now you have about 10 people trying to buy the same slaves at the same time. There are 8 different slaves, 4 male and 4 female, and only 2/8 have a chance to offer Pirate Coins when you buy them. Assuming that they all have equal probability, that’s only a 25% chance each time a NEW slave spawns that it will be the one you need. What makes this even worse is that because everyone is trying to buy the same 2/8 slaves, if the one that spawns is not the one people want, then the slave just stays there until someone who doesn’t care or know about the different slaves buys them. I sometimes spend more time trying to get the 5 slaves on one character than I spend doing two Guardian Raids.

The solution is: Unbought slaves should be rotated out, decrease spawn time, permanently have at least 3 channels, and perhaps increase the probability of the 2/8 slaves that give Pirate Coins spawn.


Far too often I land on the island and all slaves are 300, 300, 300, 300 and there are 10 people waiting for that one fool to buy them all.

imagine wasting all that time trying so hard to min-max for a few pirate coins and then calling others fools.


Didn’t even notice the price difference. I just click the first 5 I see and the job is done.

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Even buying “pirate coin” slaves to test I never got much for pirate coins, didn’t seem worth it to try.

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Imagined. What should I do next?

Also you misunderstood whom I called “fools”.

You can be lucky or you can lose some coins. its basically a gamble. so no pirate coins or 2970 coins per pirate.(i think thats the highest ive seen so far)

And you can do it per character per day apparently

Edit : just did the Slaves and got 4290 coins from a single slave as a reward.

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I’ve been doing it pretty much from Day 1 on three characters and you definitely are net-positive. Somewhere like 5-10K extra by the end of the week.

you must be luckier than me lol, i had full days of not getting any coins.

Are you buying the right slaves? I mean on some characters I have a net-loss but usually after doing it on all three I have net-positive.

Rule Nr.1 we dont talk about the slaveclub.


only 600 and 900, but i’ve since stopped caring.

Just make these slaves player to player interactions and make 1 of each type out at all times.

Im so tired of wasting time sitting on this island trying to get the slaves I want.

“Lost Ark respects your time” more like it rapes it over and over and over… then asks me how good it was after im on the ground crying in a corner.

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Don’t use it for farming, just do your dailies and when those are over its time to say goodbye.

It’s one of the best daily sources of leapstones, you’re never done with it :stuck_out_tongue:
i haven’t done a daily in forever though, i just autocomplete them now.

Yeah the best solution would be for the salves to rotate out every 30 seconds or so, otherwise you end up with lots of useless ones and having to wait for some suckers to buy them is huge time waste.

Hot take, it shouldn’t be easy to min-max everything you do. Also, if you make it easier by adding more channels then more people will do it… Making it difficult again. I was the person buying all the 300s just to get off the island. Now that I have soul and rep, I’m glad I’m never going back.

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You clearly don’t understand WHY people want the slaves they are looking for smdh.

They want them to min-max cost-reward. Derp. It’s not complicated, but that doesn’t mean it should be an easy/instant process. 600/900 female/male. We all know… It’s just not that important.

Hot take, this isn’t about min-maxing. This is an inconvenience with poor design. This isn’t like Abyss Dungeons or Guardian Raids where you can get better or get stronger and the problem fixes itself, where the problem can be solved through a player’s actions. This problem is caused by design flaw and there is no real player-solution other than just not to do it, which isn’t a good solution. Right now the only thing making this island still decent is the fact that every so often someone will come and buy all the slaves, no matter which one it is. The fact that the current resolve for this is that one person takes a loss/suffers so that other people can profit, is poor design. This is my only only complaint with the game because I have no control over the situation and all it does it waste time and inconveniences people. There is room for improvement.