Please wait longer for new content

Hey. I told my friends in the army how amazing this game is and now they want to play it but they won’t be able to start playing the game until August, and I really want to be able to do Valtan with them when Valtan is released. I can also only play the game 30 minutes per day and only on the weekends, so I don’t know If I can reach 1415 in time. I am really worried because the content is releasing so fast right now I can’t keep up, I noticed that you decided to hold back the South Vern chaos gate and field boss which is really really good and I am extremely thankful for that, but I really wish that you also did not release the dungeon so fast because I cannot get to the item level that I need for it any time soon. Please slow down!

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Agree. We have to support men that defend us.

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Is this a shitpost?

Horrible Trollpost

This is the type of post from someone that just this week hit 1370.