Please we need more pheons!

What bothers me the most is that its painted as a system to “protect” players however the players are the ones who suffer because we cant gear alts and have to pay a steep price for pheons. Dont use a system that “protects” player as a cash grab and justify it as a good thing. And if youre going to do that, then give players more pheons - 9 or 10 pheons a week from special events are not enough specially when you consider that a relic stone costs 10 pheons and relic accessories cost 25 pheons.

I had terrible luck rolling a 77 stone, I burned around 230 pheons that I had accumulated plus bought three packs of 100 pheons just to gear my main in relic gear. Now I have zero pheons and feel cheated that Im paying a ton of money to do one of the most basic/necessary features in the game. Please look into increasing the amount of pheons given to players because you are starving us and profiting off of it.


tax the poor.

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yaaa, nothing like having to spend real money on the in game auction house because you have to have a secondary currency only available from the cash shop or if we get lucky and they throw a few at us peasants…

No, just remove the fucking thing.


secondary currency only available from the cash shop

What? Gold → blue crystal → pheon
You’re welcome, now you can stop whining and play the game

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U spent 500 pheons om relic Gear wtf?

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For One character?!


Pheons are blue crystals.
Which u can get with ingame gold.

I mean i even can understand some parts of those pheon threads

But the people in those threads that only push misinformation to get their point across makes it hard to agree with u

Also still what are u doing with all the free pheons we get?

Do u swap accessoires on a daily basis or what?

so of us dont RMT all of our gold from bots…

PLUS, I just tried to mail an alt a fucking stone and the fucking game wants to charge me 5 peons to mail myself something, fuck you smilegate…

Buy from Shop If need more wheres Problem

Pheons are needed but they are too expensive for what they do. For 850 crystal give us 300 and not 100.

While i understand the pheons are here to limit people from playing the market auctions, it’s very mean to have to pay pheons when transferring accessories within your own roaster …

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