Please, we need regional prices for SA. This is a glaring issue

This was always an issue for the SA server, but before, you could say it only affected spenders. Now, it’s hurting literally everyone and the problem is only getting bigger.

Gold to Blue Crystal exchange rate is currently 1640, peaking at 1700, and only going higher each day, beucase no one is buying RC. This is NOT normal. It’s 2-3x more expensive than other servers, and we’re almost reaching KR numbers where people have 4x more gold income.

Blue crystals are a core part of the game as we NEED to buy them in order to get Pheons and Crystalline Aura, specially now where the game is taking a break and everyone is focusing on gearing their alts. People on SA have lower salaries, much higher RC prices, and now we are paying double/triple the price for Pheons. This is insane, and I could see tons of people quitting because of that on the future if it doesn’t get better; In fact, It’s only going to get MUCH worse, with BC getting only more expensive and later accessories/gear costing even more pheons. The only solution is to regionalize the prices.

I know a lot of people, including myself, who would want to spend money on the game, but don’t simply because prices are super abusive. I know there are problems that come with it, like people from other servers trying to abuse it, but there are solutions as well, such as making purchases only available though credit cards from SA. Most games adopt regional prices nowadays and it’s not a problem for them.

Please @Roxx @Shadow_Fox we need to hear your words on this. SA will start to loose a lot of players if this doesn’t get resolved fast and there’s nothing to lose for AGS/SG, fair prices will only cause people to spend more money on the game.


@Roxx ???

If you cannot afford it then dont buy it, especially when it is something that is completely optional.


Please don’t reply if you haven’t read the post


If you cannot afford it then dont buy it.


If people don’t buy RC, nobody will get blue crystals, which is the only way to get pheons, which is required for end game.

Just read the damn post, it’s actually insightful.


See when you cannot afford something you dont buy it.


I agree with the post, there’s another thread that talk about all these issues with hard facts, but we don´t have an answer yet.


I heard the reason they stopped the regional pricing was because of the Platinum Packs, no excuse now

I agree they need to get this fixed asap for you guys


Someone who lives in Midwest USA who doesn’t have as much buying power as people in California


Amazon even has its own Brazil branch, so it’s not like they have no business intelligence there.

And steam allows devs to set regional prices, so clearly it’s just a corporate decision.


some Americans and Europeans will never understand how bad it is when your country has a trash currency
if you read this post and you dont see any problem please move on and dont comment, you will look like a stupid ignorant
i hope they fix this issue for you guys.


It’s really funny to me that its okay to scream at Pheons for being a waste of gold at 300-700g for 95 blue crystal, but when SA brings up the fact that nobody buys RC, causing the blue crystal price to explode, suddenly, it’s an optional thing you don’t need lol

My heart goes out to our SA brothers and sisters, hope they put regional pricing in place.


the problem is that stuff like crystalline aura is account wide and the way its set up, if SA was cheaper everyone could buy account-wide purchases there for cheap.

its stupid that they have ignored this for more than half a year now and i dont think they intend to change this in the near future.

Thanks for the support guys, we really appreciate it

You mean like all the smaller and not as rich European countries that have to pay full prices as the richest ones?

Only Turkey and Russia have their own regional pricing, everyone else has to pay the same. Regardless if the minimum income (because a lot of players are younger and not actually working full time) in that country is 500€ or 2500€.

At least you get your own regional prices in a lot of games and on steam store.


But aren’t accounts region locked though?
It would probably take some work to make sure people wouldn’t be able to abuse the prices, but this is a really necessary change. When it only affects spenders it’s unfair, but now that it’s affecting everyone, even the F2P, it’s becoming a huge problem. If they chose to ignore it now they’ll start losing players for real

You don’t understand the issue at all so you’re better off not joining the conversation.


Just another Ignorant shill, nothing new, everyone just needs to flag and move on from that troll

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holy moly… that’s indeed x2 / x3 the price. i think last time i checked in my server it was 600 or something. i can’t believe they still didn’t do anything about it considering their excuse for no regional pricing is because they didn’t want some people using VPN to get founder packs for cheaper than other’s. and we’re far past that now and they still didn’t change it back which is pretty ridiculous.

also just ignore the typical “iF yOu CaNt AfFoRd It DoNt BuY iT” after i read that comment i lost a couple brain cells… some people around here don’t understand anything but they still proceed to comment and make themselves look stupid.


So true, I’d spend some money on this game if I felt like my money was worth something reasonable in game.

Even with high crystal prices, currently R$120 (about 10% of Brazil’s minimum wage) only makes you about 30k gold in game which is considerably less than my roster makes per week…

I really don’t understand why regional pricing isn’t a thing on Lost Ark. Especially when New World, another MMORPG owned by AGS, has it.

As OP said, the less people buy RC, the more p2w our server gets, making each time harder for those who are f2p.

Also, for those who say “don’t buy RC then, it’s optional”, pheons are not optional. Or are you grinding chaos dungeons to build your characters with whatever accessories you drop and never purchasing anything from the AH?!