Please Westernize the game before it dies

Things that need to be done to save the game (even if you, the reader, don’t like it)

  1. Make a sub as an option. 10 bucks a month should be fine since there’s tons of other reasons to spend real money, but 15 would be acceptable for most i think.
  2. Restrict some game features, like trading, to people with subscriptions. This will largely eliminate bots because they’re not going to make a new sub for $10 just to make $1 on that bot before it gets banned. If you’re die hard F2P, the next item will make up for the loss of trading.
  3. Drastically increase the rewards in-game (probably 3 times the items and gold we get now) so that F2P players can get to the content without playing for 10 hours a day since they won’t be able to trade anymore. Also, AGS would be better off offering a game that you can make significant progress in without quitting your job.
  4. Put the quality of life improvements that Korea has into the game. They’re already there, just add it. That includes starting new characters in tier 3.
  5. Honing should have material costs that are greater than they are now, and honing should be 100%. No RNG. There’s a good chance that this kind of thing will be illegal in many more western countries soon, so get ahead of it. Make it a grind, not a casino.
  6. If the gold drops mentioned in item 3 are not implemented, unlink the crystal exchange. If a player wants to convert cash into gold, that’s one thing. If a player wants to convert gold to blue crystals, that’s another thing. We didn’t have years to accumulate gold like Korea, so there should be a difference, not an equilibrium.

In implementing these changes, SMG and AGS still make their money, and the players can play the game for 3 or 4 hours a day and have fun. I hate to say this: please be more like World of Warcraft. Otherwise, this game is as dead as New World. It already would be dead if there weren’t hundreds of thousands of bots farming cheap gold. To players reading, imaging getting a legendary grudge book to drop and then putting it on the AH for 20 gold. That’s what we would have had if bots didn’t infuse millions of gold into the system. We’d have spent all our gold on honing if there weren’t gold buyers buying up our items with cheap bot-farmed gold.

All of my friends quit and I can’t honestly encourage them to come back. I’ve got a foot out the door at about 700 hours. There is NO PATH for a new player to truly get caught up. Tell Smilegate that the west doesn’t do 60 hour gaming weeks. You need broad appeal for long-term profit.


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Interesting that you have nothing to add to the conversation besides teasing. The game is not fine. If you have ideas, feel free to share.


What exactly is the sub for? What are we paying for? There’s not enough here to warrant that yet.

If it were that easy, it’d be done. No developer wants bots, let alone bots as prevalent as in this game. I’m not against some version of this idea, don’t get me wrong. But it’s a pretty extreme stance to take and would disenfranchise a lot of players.

Here’s the thing: what your idea seems to say is that the game should cater to your needs. At the end of the day, if a game, any game, doesn’t fit your schedule or habits, perhaps it just isn’t the game for you.

Now this I can get behind, to some degree. I don’t understand why we are being drip-fed a fraction of a game that is fully realized everywhere else in the world.

You’re getting the popularly coined gambling “surprise mechanics” from loot boxes mixed up with probability. The honing chances are probability, simple statistics. Not gambling. A closer example of what you’re referring to is spending 1650 rift pieces on a legendary map chest from Punika and only getting a blue map out of it. That sh*t has to go.

Now, if you really want to see the game succeed in the western market, here are some legitimate requests:

  1. Give us aesthetics we will be willing to spend money on. No, not furries, not “social wear”. Give us some cool armors and outfits that are suitable to the class/character. The west isn’t full of effeminate males, we want our dwarven destroyer and we’ll throw our wallets at whoever provides it to us.

  2. Stop drip-feeding us content. Give us the same game Korea has. AGS thinks they’re gonna make money off of this strategy but in the long run, all they’re going to do is kill the game. We are an unforgiving lot here in the West.

  3. It’s entirely normal to see about something like… maybe a couple percentage points of a population as bots. It’s another thing to play a game where upwards of a third of the entire community is bots, as is the case in this game. Get that crap under control and, if they can, do it without disenfranchising their legitimate players.

  4. More diversity in the classes. This isn’t Korea, not everyone wants to be a big-tittied elf.


This will not only remove bots but almost every f2p player u want to help out so much in ur nr3 proposal

Do u think a f2p player would stay in the game if he only hat to rely on rng drops for accessoires since he cant use auction house to buy them?

And if u make auction house trading available without ur subscription model tzen bots would again farm gold and people would rmt again and let the bots buy their overpriced items…


Do you think F2P players are spending 5 or 10 thousand gold getting their perfect accessories? They don’t have it. You’re comparing whales to F2P in your example. Plus, if 3 times the rewards are in game, that’s 3 times the chances of that F2P players getting something they want. Please, assess the whole post instead of one sentence.

maybe go play western game then instead of crying about everything


The game is fine, stop trying to change the game because you dont like it.
Just move to a different game.


Crystalline Aura is the optional sub. And I think more features should be added to it and price increase for increased features I also welcome. Overall, I like your ideas very much.

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no problem

ur whole post:

make it a pay2play game
give us more stuff
give us more stuff
give us some more stuff for the more stuff

u can thank me later for saving this game from certain doom


The sub is there to give the company money in exchange for them to fix their game (make it not take 10 hours a day to catch up to the content, remove bots, hire some more customer service people, stuff like that).

If the bots can’t trade, they can’t trade. It is that easy.

Perhaps the game is not for me. Perhaps it isn’t for the hundreds of thousands that already left. Perhaps it isn’t for anyone that hasn’t tried it yet. The game needs broad appeal and it doesn’t have it right now.

Honing is not simple statistics, or people would not fail 100% honing attempts lol. Even if it was, it’s not something the west has accepted yet, and hopefully never will.

Just have to know, how much money have you spent on the game? You seem to not have the same problems that F2P players have.


Do you have any ideas that would help the game survive? You clearly didn’t read my ideas, so hopefully you didn’t intend to simply waste your time.

You need to read furthrt before commenting

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That’s a good point, it could be tied to the crystaline aura. I doubt bots have that up, except if there’s a very short-term free one that they apply. Nonetheless, I think that would work.

It’s not fine. There are as many bots as there are players. Please, get with reality. If you want to keep playing the game with real people, some things have to change.


This would eliminate every F2P Player, which is statistically most of the player base, since the barrier of entry is extremely low (have a steam acc - thats it)

This will still eliminate every F2P Player, because you force them to sub. Yes, you want it as an option, but you also want essential MMO Features like trading behind the paywall - so F2P makes no sense, otherwise you’d turn the game into a SUPER GRINDFEST for every F2P Player - because everyone has to farm his own stuff for fusion material with the limited life energy, everyone has to drop good accessories by himself even tho stuff is behind weekly lockouts

“oh u dont need good accs”

  • yes, you need accs with atleast your stat and class engraving (atm) so your class starts to feel FUN. Because Fun is, what keeps the F2P players, which you trying to get rid off with the suggestions.

I think you trying to max out every single bit of content and overdramatically describe how you personally feel.
Im F2P, i have 6 Chars in T3, 3 above 1370 and 3 at 1340.
3x 1370 Oreha Hardmode both Dungeons take me 15-25 Minutes per Character. Per WEEK.
2 of them are 1415 (Scrapper/Glaivier) and my Bard is 1394, so i can run 3x P3 Argos.
1x Argos takes between 15-32 Minutes, which is my range from fastest P3 to slowest P3.
Once Per Week per Character.
This is at MAXIMUM 96 Minutes for Argos (Just the length of a football game).
This is at MAXIMUM 75 Minutes for Oreha x3.

Argos gives 2700g per P3, and Oreha Hard gives 2100g if you run both, which is 4800g x 3 characters.

Thats 14400 Gold for my Argos Chars. For, in worst case, 172 Minutes spent within a Week of seven Days.

Add in my 1340 Chars, generating 1500g per Character thanks to Oreha, thats another 4500g for in the worst case, 76 Minutes.

Thats 248 Minutes of total Playtime for 100% Safe gold generation, without farming flowers or fishing for hours.
So it takes around 4 Hours per Week to generate Gold. And we speak about a LOT of Gold.

18900g just thanks to Dungeon Entrys which take 4h/week on 6 Chars and everything you can do. 6 Chars in T3 actually means i have spent around 2h+ per day, since 2x Chaos takes around 10 Minutes, on 6 Chars thats 60 Minutes of Chaos dungeon and 60 Minutes puffer for Tower and Unas. I never did Guardians besides first time reward on alts.

So, with you wanting 18900g x 3 per week, instead of 18900g x 1, you essentially want 56700g per week for 4h of Playing.
Did you know that printing more money just results in everything getting more expensive, because everyone is printing more money?

Correct approach here would be to lower honing costs (the gold part, the materials are super fine and are absolutely doable, i even think they are too generous for a korean mmo)

Wanting more “Items” to drop, i assume you mean accessories, gems etc - will just trend in deflation, which would even Push your “F2P” players into being not F2P because they will feel pushed to buy the 10-15dollar subscription to mentioned, since they are not allowed to trade and everything they want is cheap, but behind a IRL Paywall.

I dont even want to talk about your other 3 points anymore. You clearly did not think about what you posted here.


You know, even though i numbered my ideas, they all go together right?
You refuting them one by one is meaningless. They go together.
Then you apply the game as it is currently to my ideas. That is apples and oranges.
You didn’t think this through either I guess.
If the honing mats required are much higher, as my example says, then that increased reward gets used up faster. All of the calculations you made are appreciated, but irrelevant.

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Well, to be short.
Point 4 of yours - QOL. Please read the news, we got a part of them in april, and we get the rest in 2 weeks. Its already confirmed, no need to suggest that :stuck_out_tongue:

Point 5 of yours - Honing is already 100%. This game has a system called Artisan Energy, which fills up every time you try to upgrade gear. Sometimes you get it early, sometimes you get it after reaching 100%. But you will get the upgrade, 100%. Unlike in other KMMO’s, where gear breaks, gear downgrades, the odds wont go up etc… Now before you enrage after your timer goes down, im also not the absolute biggest fan of this, but this actually means every single fail is still progress. And trust me, i failed a LOT on my orignal Main (Scrapper), i failed a lot on my glaivier since she came out, but my bard is the luckiest character i ever heard of, one tapping left and right. At the end, it just comes down to RNG for fast progress, but your progress is 100% safe if you “invest” long term in the game. Its not a game people should play for 1-2 month until hopping on the next hype train IMO.

Point 6 of yours - please take like 15-20 minutes at Valtan release to learn about this. Its supply and demand. User to User. It doesnt matter how many years Korea is able to generate gold, they essentially earn around 60k / week on all their chars ( check loawa, most run kukul / brelshaza 1-2 / vykas hard with atleast 6 characters)
Their Gold:Crystal Ratio is at 2400g/95 Crystals
We can easily earn around 20k/week ( see my post above, add in Unas Tokens which is another 100% weekly gold source, 3000g if you have a 1415 char atm, 2000g if no 1415 char because of the amounts of una token and the bare minimum without any extra goldbar )
Our Gold:Crystal Ratio is 500g/95 Crystals (EUC)
60k/week → 2400g/95
20k/week → 500g/95
Crystals are way cheaper for us, and harder to pay for whales, since they spend money for 500g. In korea they spend money for 2400g, since its the exchange rate.

Thats why its supply and demand. It is always balanced, because its purely user to user.


Why not change the graphics, perspective and the name aswell while we’re at it?


This game is better than anything in MMO department right now. It is fine as it is. If you don’t like it, it’s not for you.
The things you’re asking will drive some players out of the game and that’s exactly what Amazon been doing trying to fight bots. The approach to the problem should be purely from the code stance, making it harder to bot instead of making it harder to access/play the game.