Pleasing the Customers (Idea)

Hello AGS / Smilegate,

I know, that you won’t read this, but at least I could try:

As software developer and IT administrator I thought about your problems for a while and I guess you already considered this, but why don’t try the following solution?

If you are preparing the launch for another European zone, you could just Copy & Paste (I know it’s a bit more complex than that) the (SQL?)-databases, which include the account and character data of everyone. Then you just merge them to a new server of the new region. After you did that you add a little dialogue to your game, which shouldn’t be too complicated. The dialogue is a confirmation that pops up ONCE when a player joins the corresponding new server in the new zone for the first time. And it just asks: ‘Do you want to migrate permanently to XXX from YYY?’. If the player presses yes, then a new account flag is set in the corresponding database table.

Now for the really hard part (a bit irony here): The game gets a short ‘If then else’ code segment that is checked when loggin in to a server. When ‘Migrated’ is ‘True’, then the old characters / account on the old zone will be deleted permanently. When ‘Migrated’ is ‘False’, then the data on the new server get deleted. Problem solved. Migration complete.

It can’t be that hard to add these small things to your game. We don’t request a whole re-coding of the whole networking code, even though that would be best idea to solve the problem once and for all. I mean seriously - cluster computing isn’t new and most server software is scaleable today. :wink:

A p****d of gamer and IT specialist