Pleast check out who put so many gold in Cureency Exchange and ban him

dude, they don’t even investigate absolutely obvious RMT like below, what makes you think they will bother with crystal exchange

This dude really don’t get how this works lololol.


Yikes OP can’t be serious rn.

OP, To finish this discussion, please only return to these forums once you can pass an IQ test with a minimum score of 80 and obtain a 2nd grade reading comprehension level. Thank you.


room temp iq is strong with OP


On my server 1k+ and one time per week under 950 for 95 crystal

I can’t tell if this guy is a troll or a moron :person_facepalming:

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to be honest i didn’t know either how that screen works either, and i read it multiple times.

You must be one of the brightest player this game has even seen…it’s because of dumbass like you that legit stuff get ruined in this game.
Imagine not being able to comprehend how a feature work and come to a forum to complain about it kek

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