PL/ENG Guild 20+ [Inanna server EU] "Jazda"

The point of this guild is to create one big family so that everyone can have fun and play with each other.
We are PvX guild who doesn’t care if you are casual or hardcore.
After 5 days offline without notice we’ll have to kick you but only because of limited space in guild.
We want from our guildmates to make daily contribution which isn’t much (6k silver) but will get the guild to higher lever.

For any additional information pm on discord: shige#7384


Hi, sill playing? :slight_smile:

Hey, I tried to find you on discord but didnt work. Im on Innana server and after getting trolled on the main discord for mentioning this server ive all but given up. Diranged#4237 is my discord… would love to join your guild … Currently level 21 with item level of about 120 ish so im new , but grinding quick :slight_smile: Diranged in game