Pliz consider a solution for friend

Pliz consider a solution to let us play with friend you locked the server day 2, and just after i conviced my friend to join me 1 hours after !! bought 2 founder pack…

Maybe we could invite friend on server ? or let people who have friend on a server make a charac on it, idk

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Yes, please do something, I’m in the same situation… invites would work… just not locking them would be better

i’ve contacted amazon support about this and they told me to basically throw away the 50 bucks of stuff i bought and start over in the new server if i want to play with my friends.
they also said i could buy yet another founder’s pack for more money! how nice! they seem nice people and not greedy at all!

in other words, you, me, your friends and a lot of people are absolutely screwed.