Pls allow only 1 bard per team

I cannot play bard in PVP because every time we get two or more bards in a 3v3 match its an instant loss.

This is sad for me because bard is my main but I cannot play a class that gets an instant loss every handful of games…

the weird thing is I don’t see that often.
does it only happen in the server you are in?

You probably won’t see it much unless you play bard. It happens to me at least once every 4-5 games on Mari server NA west

We have been pleading for a 1 support per team limit as well as no multiples of the same class on one team for many months now and they had 50 days of downtime between seasons to address this, but –

No reason to believe this is gong to change. Smilegate hasn’t shown any initiative in addressing the player’s concerns regarding PvP; our passions be damned, we simply aren’t the demographic they’re marketing to.

Here’s how it works over there:
Suggestions and feedback get passed on to the team (digital paper shredder)
Bug reports get slapped with copy+pasted reponses and told they’re working as intended
Reports of speedhackers and other client cheaters get deleted
Reports of wintraders and boosters get ignored

I love the pvp in this game, but boy does this company despise us for it.


you got a point there.
I dont play bard so thats why i dont see that happening often at all lol.

Then again we do have this going on also… haha

The problem with 2 supports was in russia also and believe it or not Korea also.


Sadly this means I will not be playing bard in pvp anymore as it is broken if you get an instant loss every handful of games.

I played 9 out of 10 pvp matches where there was a bard on the other side, but I never had a single encounter on my side. It wasn’t fair to us