Pls Make Leapstone drops in chaosdungeons, Roster bound

There is no reason why not to make chaosdungeon leapstone drops rosterbound.
It would be feel so much better to play with your alts, when you know you can push your main even further with this mechanic.
Dear Smilegate/amazonians: The game is perfect imao i like it very very much.
But i see no reason to keep leapstone drops bound to character.
it just makes no sense .
Except you want to keep charakters low with ILVL…
And this would be rly sad, cause you want to keep people up with new content to enjoy the game
or players with quit.
Just make leapstone drops roster bound, and it would be a so much huge quality of life improvement.
u still cannot trade with them and thats fine but just pls pls pls make it roster bound.
i guess everyone will agree with this suggestion.
i mean why not???

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No $$$

Also it’s possible to farm your house for loots like visa or mastercard. It solves alot of issues around the world

I don’t actually mind this since I know I will push alts eventually.

There’s not much thought into this idea. I mean you realise it’s like this because progression is to a certain degree controlled.
If they allow you this, they would make progression harder or gatekeep in other places.

So this is not a solution, nor will it ever happen. And it’s not even reasonable I would argue

Will never happen. It’s one of the best-selling items for whales to whale.

I think the biggest reason for this bottle neck is to let casuals and late starters catch up witch is one of the best fetures of the game… also making them roster bound would speed up progress way to much and punish people who dont have time for 17 or 23 alts

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So how come the game is perfect and yet you have a suggestion to make it better? The word perfect means there is no room for improvement :smiley:

Binding leapstones, shards, quest rewarded mats, etc is one of the things I hate about this game.
I also hate the crafting system, capped life energy and losing your runs upon crashing.

I bet you would hate it more to have to max out your character slots or else you would even fall further behind.

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Falling behind doesn’t bother me. Why is everyone in such a rush to catch up to Korea? I don’t understand why people are so impatient.