Pls nerf brel hard

please nerf brel hard before release. these yt guides from this youtuber (name unknown) looks to hard for eu.

thanks in advance.


Low quality bait.



Therachad kekw

I 101% support this.

To nerf or not to nerf, that is the real question!


I support this request! Please nerf :sob::pray:t2:

people are asking nerf so they can spend 1 hour and have ancient full gear by 1 month!


Pls nerf brel, it looks so hard and remove esther weapon pls.


push :smiley:

I agree pls remove brel hard and nerf sidereal weapons!

If it’s to hard for you? then get better.
Like stop whining about the smallest crap.
It’s HARD MODE its supposed to be a challenge, they didn’t make it so you can get ancient gear that easily you gotta put some work into it, otherwise why the f*ck are you playing a MMO?

Nowadays everyone wants everything with no effort, than whine that the game is dying ore w.e.

DON’T NERF Brel Hard. European players are very good. I would like to remind that in World of Warcraft European guilds are the best, European players are the best. European players won most of First Kill competitions in WoW.
Hard mode should be a challenge not a piece of cake.

If you can clear gate 1, your making progress and no nerf is needed. You dont need to kill G5/G6 to get a full ancient set.

To be honest these people that find it hard they can do G1-G4 HM / G5-G6 NM ore just do all gates till G6 for completion achievement ore those Horns you get after killing Brel for the first time after that they can do Gate 1-4 HM / Gate 5-6 NM.

…are you for real? Brelshaza is very easy. Dont get hit, kill the boss. Cleared on 1560 without dying. With randoms.

omfg I’m not supposed to get hit by the bosses attacks? good god I was doing it wrong this WHOLE TIME?!?! Thanks to you I might actually clear Oreha normal this week! Truly mind blowing revelations have been posted here this day!

Nerf brel? nah mate they need to implement a in game below average player filter on pub finder. :joy:

There is hell mode for extra chalenge , not everyone have to exp hell mode dif for doing hard mode raid.