PLSSS fix the dcssss i cant

PLSSSSSSSS 10 DCs in under an hour it cant be true plsss fix that holy…

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No way i lose chaos dungeon just because u cant handle the servers

I was getting disconected every 30-60 min, i don’t know if that’s the commen disconnectiong issue that’s going on or not, but today i played without a single disconnection, all day long.

Here is what i did, check the first portion of this video where he shows how to configure SG TCP.
Make back up of your OS registry and create restore point before you do it , just in case something goes wrong or you want to roll back to the old settings. I did it and everything worked fine with me.

Try it and tell me if that fix your issue.

Video link : Optimize Your PING | Both FREE and PAID Options - YouTube

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