Plsssss release roadmap

It’s already 05/31, it’s sad to think that we will have a roadmap in mid-June :confused: please release it.


This was a holiday weekend and just today they will be back in the office. So I expect the roadmap to arrive either later today or with the patch notes tomorrow


Offices are in US.

It’s still early in the morning in US.

iirc they said this week right? so it can be 30 june

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Patch notes? Did I miss something?

probably the fix to the chaos dungeon and msq bugs?

CHill bro, getting the road map today or in a week is the same shit, we might be getting it today or any day of this week

Nope. I was waiting without pushing my alts over 1370 for the roadmap to know whether i push or not for a week now. I really need the roadmap to decide.

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Yeah, waiting one more day wont change anything, trust me, it’s the same sht every month. Im on the same boat, im waiting to know if they gonna implement honing buffs, but it’s literally the same today or tomorrow

I suggest you setting your expectations low on this one.

No no no, I was referring to the patch notes we get every single week for the weekly maintenance.

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It will still be rolling out later this week


Later, means… In a few hours… Right?

Friday at 11:59 pm

Fingers crossed for Reaper.

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Later this week its already JUNE tomorrow why do we have to wait for summer road map until like already summer begins. Summer is here already … ?


So no patch notes this month :rofl:


Full patch notes for June will come with the June Update

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Sunday 11:59 pm lol :laughing:

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nice job releasing it ‘before’ june XD