Plz Help T3 Items shown up on my lowest GS alt

My Husband logged in, did his play routine & discover he has received T3 mats (along with a lot of T2 & some T1 mats), on his lowest GS alt. They were in his bag. He hasnt accepted the Event pass on any toon. He hasnt activated any powerpasses. They were just there, in his bag.

I had the same thing happen to me, but everything was on my Main.

Only 1 thing seems to be in common, they were the last characters we logged onto for the day (Yesterday).

He wouldnt mind because almost all of the items are “Roster Bound”, except for the T3 mats. He would prefer the T3 mats be on his Main (Highest GS 1355) rather then this alt.

I am also concerned that something is broken on your end, that made these items spawn like this. We are afraid that the “Hyper Event” was triggered somehow, even though it shows as non-activated.

Would you look into this & clue us in on what happened & remedy it for us?

(my Husband doesnt have an Amazon account)

Hey there @MadamPretzel! :pretzel:

I’m sorry to know what happened with these items.

Due to the nature of the situation, this has to be handled via escalation.

In this case, your husband needs to create an Amazon account, then link their Steam and Amazon accounts and contact us via live chat so our colleagues can collect the information requiered to escalate this with the devs and determine what happened with those items, and what’s the best way to proceed.

I hope this can get solved soon, stay safe!