PLZ make Honing Materials account/rooster bound

It’s really disheartening when half of the dropped materials (Leapstones, Solars, Shards. etc) on every character is char bound and can’t be traded between your roosters characters. For example why are guardian leapstones tradeable but chaos not?

I have so much materials divided between all my characters that would greatly help improving my main or other characters to reach current/planed content. One character is missing Leapstones, the other one is missing Solars etc.

I am not even asking about being able to sell thesse upgrade materials for Gold, i just want to be able to use them for my own account.
All these bonus events you are relasing are really nice (which are mostly also char bound), but being able to trade earned materials in my rooster would help me so much more than any event that has been released so far.

It would also clear rows of inventory on every character :wink:


Roster bound and into the storage tab. That’s the way it should be.

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pls dont, same people who cry now would cry even more once they realize the 12 hour no-lifers with 10 chars are now able to funnel hundreds of leapstones from their alts to their main and get even further ahead of the casuals who complain they cant use their 500 t2 destruction stones from from their main.