Plz make serrver transfer service/powerpass cross server

can someone please tell me why the fuck the powerpasses arent crossserver based?

I literally only leveled to 50 so i could get two free powerpasses and make characters where my boys are on then i found out it’s only fucking server specific

that is quite cringe considering there is no server transfer in this game and you can’t even q arenas with your boys unless you are on the same server

fix this garbage please make everything cross server thank you


Or you live up to your mistake snd suck it up and quit bitching on the forum lol

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Shouldnt really be considered a mistake when admins literally said it would be possible to do. So alot of people put time into leveling a character to 50 in hopes of being able to use the PP on another server. Not a mistake, just miscommunication from the staff.

autistic nobody dog typing stick to pve

q ranked when it comes out if you have balls so i can farm you into oblivion literal piss random nobody