.png Class Icons (inclusive all upcoming)

Made a folder with all class-icons for discord / teamspeak. whatever you want.
Pulled them out of the korean site.



you are amazing for sharing this! thank you.


not a big deal. it just took some time to find the base file and im happy that you love it

Thank you so much uwu

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It took me over 2 months and I couldn’t find them or edit them in anyway ‘cause I’m not experienced in that
I’m using the icons on my discord server which is a community focusing on LAO Europe
Your help is very much appreciated

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your welcome bro. if you want to know how i did it, just write me a PN

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absolute legend thank you

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Nice! TY

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Heya! Would you mind making one for Aeromancer? Would LOVE to add that one as an emoji to our guild Discord server. If you find time and will to actually do it, please do pm me. :slight_smile:

added the aeromancer-icon in the thread

right-click it and save it as an image

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