Poll about the express event - are you okay with the event?

because there is a lot of discussion about it, i had created a survey. it would be nice if you join

(clueless people would ruin the runs for others)

I mean, that’s a false problem. If anything, having more people in Legion Raid would help people that can’t get into party (because they are un-experienced, get declined and/or bashed/flamed when they do mistakes) to actually make proper try-parties free from toxicity (copium). At the very least it brings more players in the table.

On top of that it’s not because you have farmed Argos and Yoho for 3 months that you are “Legion Raid ready”. If anything going straight into the harder content make you progress faster.

Stop it now with that argument, it’s straight-up bs that people use only to funnel some more copium into their brain, copium about theim wasting large amount of materials to get multiple characters into legion raids. People here that think “it’s ok to gate new/returning player out of Legion raids for months” are just frustrated that they wasted a lot of materials on their alts just for other people to get in Legion Raids much easier using catch-up mechanism.

I have nothing to win with catch-up, my roster is already well stacked-up and litterally don’t care about this event being 1370 or 1415 or catch-up mechanism being in or not, it really doesn’t affect me in any way. Yet I’m lucid enough to understand what is happening and how stupid it is to gate people out of the Legion content for so long.

why would you make a survey now when it’s not even out yet?

Two of the answers are yes and one no. Why there is no only 2 possible answers - Yes and No.
I can’t imagine why someone can be not happy for free 1370.


because the forum is full about this topic and everybody talk about it???

because the people in the forum complain that you don’t get to at least 1415 right away? and people like me exist, which dont really care are they now 1370 or 1415+

if someone dont like the event, just dont use it ?

you are not happy that its only till 1370 instead of 1415 ? just dont use the event, so you dont have to worry about it… just hone without it

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I’ve seen bad logics, but this one was taken directly from the depths of one’s ass.

Bad poll. A yes and no should be enough

Meaningless subjective, selfish poll. BS.

I want to use Express on 1415+ honestly…

I’d like to see the game’s population grow & the game be healthy longterm. So no, I’m not happy with what has been announced so far for next patch.

I’m not upset about it. As an established player I’m fine either way & looking forward to arcana. My primary is concern is new players.

With welcome challenge removed, no super express, and no express power pass what are new players supposed to do? Perhaps there’s unannounced changes, but if there’s not this is very bad for the game.