[POLL] After Destroyer, which class do you want to be released first?

Edit: Apparently some people can’t read, the question is which class do people want next, not what they expect.


How many polls Do You guys want?
Flag and move on.


All these polls just with ARTIST at the top okay yall… can we get the other classes first

What’s wrong w artist being popular ?


Nothing wrong, but I guess at this point everybody knows it’s the most popular unreleased class, as there have been many polls for the same thing, on different platorms, with the same results - and unfortunately we also know AGS doesn’t care what most people want, so there’s hardly a point in making these anymore, sadly

Only destroyer should be on this list. There shouldn’t be any other class except for destroyer (and gunlancer)


Its not that fact that artist is popular there is already an appreciation post with that SAME exact poll.

No there isn’t; it’s not specifically on appreciation post. It is however, on another forums though lmfao

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There was already a way bigger poll made and we know it’s Scouter the most popular right under Lancemaster. Anyway AGS doesn’t care about popularity. Just wait

Here it is.


People voting on artist, forget about it .

Quote from Roxx " To help set expectations here (while this could change) I would expect the older/“original” classes to roll out before we get the newest class in game, since this was the catch up plan long before Artist came out even in KR"

So yeah, don’t expect that class to come any earlier than summoner, arcana, scouter and reaper. Cause you know, artist got released in JANUARY 2022 in KR. Expecting that class already is beyond delusional. We don’t even have the legion raids and people want artist already lol.


You are aware that Sorceress is the 2nd newest class and we got it at release, yeah? Alright, not to mention none of the other class releases have made any sense in terms of release order, some of the oldest classes are still missing while we have much newer ones.

Also this is a voting about what people want, not what they expect to happen. What we expect to happen is that AGS ignores what people want, that’s usually a safe bet.

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The fact the Sorc is out already already proves there is no reason that the other classes were held back.

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Indeed, not to mention you can literally find all the files (including those from Artist & even Aeromancer (who isn’t even out in KR yet)) in the game files of our current client. It’s just conveniently disabled so they can release it whenever the hell they feel like it to bait players back in or whatever their plan is.

With actual content I totally get it, but classes, like come on, a lot of players are essentially playing alts right now and it’s totally understandable that they are frustrated with it and don’t really feel like spending a ton of time, gold & resources on a character they know they won’t be maining, so we should really just get all the classes - literally everybody would be happy.

You can still use the “bait players back” tactic with any new releases that will come out in Korea by just releasing them at the same time in this version.


This one is the only one that matters, it doesnt leave out a class.


Scouter all day


People voting artist are too funny. They already said it’s going to be one of the last classes coming out, but keep voting guys !

Literally says in the post from Roxx that it isn’t likely but it could change? Do you just parrot information or actually look for yourself before dismissing other people.

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I’m not surprised you all have such an entitled attitude when the class isn’t out in Russia or Japan, mods have said it’s going to be one of the last ones, but you still disagree and ask for it.

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Strange. Artist is the newest class. we shouldn’t expect to get it right away