Poll - Are you switching to EU West Servers?

Some people have been very vocal about the upcoming region. ( Little incentive to move to new EU west region when created) As far as everyone knows there wont be proper server transfers and Amazon hopes that players will switch servers on their own. The disadvantaged of a server switch seem to outweigh the advantages (excl. new players).

I made a Poll to see how the community decides.


Unless they clone existing overcrowded server over to EU West or give roster transfers, there is no reason to move for anyone who bought founder pack/invested any money and/or time.

New region would help if it existed from the beginning, now it’s too little, too late and it won’t solve anything. The only (realistic) way to get rid of the queues is to wait until hype dies down and enough people get bored/pissed off by the situation and leave the game. I’m also sure that the actual plan of the AGS as they only did token gestures and PR corpospeak so far.


I switched from zinnervale to another one, Inanna. I’m not going to move again. Sorry

Give us a free roster transfer and I’d consider it


I just whant to play, this is a waste of time, i have 4 hours to play and 6 it’s only waiting on queue!!!

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I don´t want to change, but seeing the trend of the poll not changing would mean the same old queues atm.

I will probably monitor queue times and decide a few days after if i change.

The Poll is, sadly flawed in itself.

Why you are asking only if people are willing but you assume there will be no incentives given .

It would be more of a poll when you would ask more questions.

Question 1 would be.

Are you willing to change servers when no incentives are given

Question 2 would be

Are you willing to change servers depending on the incentives granted?

considering we’ve asked for this for several days and they haven’t even acknowledged it - the poll is working with what we have at the moment.

Maybe if they see or even care about it enough, they will start thinking about giving something more.

Well , after this mess of a launch , i am at the same spot as a lot of people . Me in one server and some friends in another . f2p all of us . So were are patiently waiting for the new servers so we can reroll together . I would be surprised if more than 1% of the playerbase rerolls tho . For that reason , i hope they do this right and don’t addmore than 1-2 new servers .Because If they add more , some will be dead on arrival

Keep in mind that this poll will be most likely biased by people who are already in the game and know the struggle but have their progress. For the new players who havent tried the game yet, it will be instant decision to join the new region. Personally i would love to help the player spread as well, but ours hands are tied by not having the tranfers as most of us dont want to loose their progress in the game.

EDIT: And i would probably even pay for the transfer if that would be an option just to play with friends (me with founder pack and some friend joined after F2P started)

As founder pack content is not account wide ( horrible mistake ) and many other things are server wide (again… wtf), there is no solid reason to move to a new server, start from scratch and lose what I paid for. I can simply log in before the horrible queue starts and play, so praise home office.

Had I not spent actual money, I might reconsider moving to a new server as losing a week’s worth of game time only, is not that bad.

Or, give us refund if we decide to migrate to EUWest.

They have to make it appealing for the players to start over on a different server, but right now, it is far from it.

I already changed servers 3 times so the only way I’m gonna tranfer now is if I can carry my progress. This holds true for all my friends and guildmates who also wouldn’t mind transfering but only if we are able to carry our roster progress on to those new servers. I ain’t doing quests for the 4th time again and being unable to skip cinematics is also a big downside since on new server it’s counted as “First Clear” again. Not to mention that I already claimed and bought some things that I don’t want to lose because I already lost founders pack as I claimed it on first server I started.

With a complete guild transfer system in place for my 60 man guild, sure we’ll consider moving.
Without this - No chance at all, why would we?

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Not moving unless they provide full data transfer, allready bought some skins with gold, invested over 110hours in game (taking day’s off work) and collected shit ton of mokoko.

In no way shape or form im gonna accept losing my progress here

With that, you are right as well.

I will be honest. I would not want to change, as long as the incentives are not suited for me. And I would guess a lot of people see it this way. But in the matter of the incentives, they did not make any statements yet.

But, statements can be reverted as I saw with the statement regarding the locked servers which were opened pretty fast.

Would I transfer when the incentive granted is good enough? Sure. At the moment it is like this:

We want servers without or with no or small queues.

Amazon hopes that people hop onto that offer for the queue situation to dissipate. But as well in my opinion that action is coming a bit late. To move People which already reached 50 even when you can reach it fast, to leave everything behind, only on the incentive of no queues is not a real incentive there has to come more.

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Its just dumb that they can’t fix things properly, beside using this kind of solution… Doesn’t matter if they will add new region, if the current state of the servers have big delay during prime time. UI takes forever to pop up when you try to get in a queue for raids/dungeons or whatever you need to get in. Bump the server capacity with 20k, and fix the delay when people try to queue into raids/dungeons.

I think more will be on the new servers than you think, even me who have spend 82 hours and im at tier 2 i´m willing to loose all my progression, and pack to get on a server without que times. I doubt im the only one. We had planned play together 4 friends. But as it is now we cant because of que, so me and one of my friends will move not sure about the rest. But we agree to rather be able to play than not. Im worried that the new servers will be crowded aswell. Then its all for nothing but I hope im wrong.

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I agree, but I suppose OP is working on what we have right now, and right now we have pretty much nothing.

Only incentives that would make people consider switching would be ones where they wouldn’t lose their founder pack stuff, twitch drops, progress, etc. Anything below that is unacceptable for vast majority of players and righly so.

I will NOT start over on a new serves in EU West, simply because the “extra set” Platinum Pack sucks.

If they clone all user data prior to today’s maintenance, maybe. If not, that’s not happening. This new region will fix nothing. We need more servers, not an entirely new region.